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Wrestling Fans Are Furious After Chris Jericho’s Fall From Top Of Steel Cage

Wrestling Fans Are Furious After Chris Jericho’s Fall From Top Of Steel Cage

What, wrestling, not real? Never

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Fans have hit out at Chris Jericho and AEW after the wrestler was thrown off the top of a steel cage during a recent bout.

The former WWE superstar was going toe-to-toe with MJF, when he was pushed onto the 'metal' flooring below.

In footage shared on social media, a bloodied Jericho can be seen standing, dazed, in front of his opponent.

MJF then briefly looks around before giving old Chris a nudge, sending flying over the edge, crashing through the floor.

But while the commentary is dramatic and the chaotic scene is just what fans have come to know and love from the world of professional wrestling, many were not convinced. I know, wrestling, not real, it's an absolute shocker.

Watch the action for yourself below:

Warning: Strong Language

Pointing out the fact that the flooring looked awful flimsy for one supposedly composed of metal, one viewer said: "On top of fake metal flooring and pillows. Waaaaay too fake looking. Disappointed in the show tonight."

Another chimed in: "Jericho took a bump on a king size mattress."

Now, I think it's hard to imagine that anyone would actually want or expect Jericho to be thrown off a huge cage onto a hard surface below, most were just annoyed that it was so obvious.

"Nah Jericho getting thrown off the cage could have looked so cool but that was lame as f**k," wrote another disappointed fan."

Adding: "I don't want old man Jericho to land on concrete but don't make it obvious that he landed on crash pads."

Others came to the defence of AEW, saying that if Jericho had landed on metal or concrete, they would have been heavily criticised over the welfare of their wrestlers.

And you can't deny that that's a fair point.


One person asked: "Would you rather he had landed on an actual metal floor?! After losing SO many wrestlers to injuries and addiction.

"I'm perfectly happy with a fake floor and lots of pillows to keep Jericho safe while he's entertaining us!"

Echoing these sentiments, another said: "Matt Hardy hit the concrete & people got mad. Jericho hit gimmicked padding and people got mad.

"I love wrestling but some of you fans are never fucking happy & should get a new hobby. No one needs to die or get seriously hurt for your entertainment."

While another added: "I'm happy Chris Jericho can walk around using his actual legs today."

Featured Image Credit: AEW

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