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More Than 170,000 People Volunteer To Help NHS Through Coronavirus Crisis

More Than 170,000 People Volunteer To Help NHS Through Coronavirus Crisis

Loads of people have volunteered just hours after the appeal was launched

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

More than 170,000 people have signed up to give up their time to an NHS Volunteer Responders scheme within hours of it launching.

The UK Government issued a plea for ordinary folks to come forward to bolster the NHS during the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, and the response was impressive, to say the least.

The National Medical Director of the NHS, Stephen Powis, said that he was 'bowled over' by the hugely heartening response from selfless members of the public.

According to a recent statement from Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the scheme aims to recruit 250,000 volunteers in total. So far, it's well on its way to reaching that goal.

Anyone wanting to volunteer can enter their details by following this link.


People who volunteer will be asked to help out those who are less able to help themselves through this crisis, and to offer support to both the NHS and local services who would otherwise be overwhelmed during this difficult time.

Hancock said that the volunteers would be needed to pitch in helping with 'shopping and delivery of medicines' and 'to support those who are shielded to protect their own health'.

He added: "The NHS Volunteer Responders is a new scheme set up so that people can come and help and to make sure that the NHS and local services that are needed get all the support they can."

Announcing the appeal on the NHS website - in an article called 'Your NHS Needs You' - Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and NHS Director of Primary Care, said: "Coronavirus is the biggest challenge we have ever faced, which is why we're rallying the troops and telling the public: your NHS needs you."


"Across the country people are playing their part in the fight against the virus by staying home for the next 12 weeks, to protect themselves, others and the NHS.

"But many of those shielding will need our support to do that, and by signing up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder, people who are well can do their bit too.

"This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments where a single action from one person can be the difference between life and death for another, and simple acts of kindness are going to make all the difference in keeping some of the most vulnerable people well and out of hospital.

"NHS staff are pulling out all the stops to ensure those who need care receive it, and creating a bank of helpers that they can call upon to support their most vulnerable patients through this difficult time is going to be invaluable, so I would urge anyone who can to sign up as an NHS Volunteer Responder today."

Once again, if you'd like to get involved, you can find out more by clicking on this link.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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