Woman Moves Into Tent After Losing Job At McDonald's During Lockdown
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58 Percent Of People Don't Think England Should Go Back Into Full Lockdown

58 Percent Of People Don't Think England Should Go Back Into Full Lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a range of new coronavirus restrictions for England earlier today (Tuesday) amid a surge in cases across the UK.

However, he was keen to emphasise that the measures were 'by no means a return to the full lockdown of March' - and a LADbible poll of 17,520 people found that 58.2 percent of respondents feel Johnson was right to stop short of a total lockdown:

While we may not have resumed a full scale lockdown at this stage, a number of tighter rules will come into effect over the coming days.


From tomorrow, face coverings must be worn in taxis. From Thursday, hospitality venues must close by 10pm, provide table service only and customers must wear masks when walking around the premises. Retail staff must also wear face coverings, indoor sports in groups of more than six will be banned, and fines for breaching the rule of six will double to £200 for first time offenders. And from Monday, weddings will be limited to a maximum of 15 people.

People have also been told to work from home where possible and the planned reintroduction of spectators in sports venues next month has been scrapped.

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If these measures fail to bring the R number below one - the point at which the epidemic is no longer growing - Johnson said 'we reserve the right to deploy greater fire power with significantly greater restrictions'. He added that the new rules could be in place for six months if progress isn't made.


More Than 50 Percent Of People Don't Think The Clocks Should Change Today

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He said: "We will spare no effort in developing vaccines, treatments, new forms of mass-testing, but unless we palpably make progress we should assume that the restrictions that I have announced will remain in place for perhaps six months."

Speaking last week, Johnson said a second full lockdown would be an 'economic disaster' and 'completely wrong for this country'.

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