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Aldi Is Bringing Back Its Bargain Anti Snore Pillow

Aldi Is Bringing Back Its Bargain Anti Snore Pillow

The pillow is back for a limited time only, so partners of snorers will need to act fast

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

You can take every possible step to ensure you get a good night's sleep: do some exercise, decaffeinate in the evening, listen to pan flute music.

But if you then have to try and doze off next to what sounds like an inebriated bear trapped in barbed wire, then all your efforts are rendered futile.

Fortunately, for the poor souls who share a bed with a night growler, Aldi is bringing back its hugely popular anti snore pillow.

All you have to do is press it down on the snorer's face until they stop breathing, and voila, no more interrupted sleeps... OK, that's not actually how it works - though obviously, that would work. Don't try it though.

Instead, the pillow reduces the snoring by raising the head of the bed troll, which in turn should keep their airways open and stop them making that fucking irritating rattling noise. Next thing you know, you're in a whole new world of rest and relaxation, where sleep continues unbroken.


Better still, the Kirkton House Anti Snore Pillow is priced at only £5.99; but how can you really put a price on a good night's sleep? Well, John Lewis seem to have put the price considerably higher, with their own anti snore offering priced at £24.

However, if you want to save a comparative 75 percent on your anti snore device, you will have to act fast. The pillow is being reintroduced to stores as of Sunday as part of Aldi's Specialbuys offer, meaning that when stocks run out, they've run out.

Last year, Aldi released the marginally cheaper Slumberdown anti snore pillow for £4.99 and the things went like hot cakes, so don't hang about.

Aldi's anti snore pillow could help partners of night growlers get a better sleep.

But speaking as a night growler myself, I must say, we do get a hard time. We are often made out as the bad guys, but we are not.

If you are trying to sleep and some prick next to you won't shut the fuck up with their snorts and snarls, I understand that is annoying. But equally, imagine if you are fast asleep and dreaming, then next thing you know you're being elbowed in the ribs and shouted at for something you can't help. Now that is also very annoying.

Truly, no one is to blame for these nighttime squabbles, so rather than let them destroy your relationship, go out and buy an anti snore pillow and pray that it does what it says on the tin/pillow packaging.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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