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Aldi Is Selling A Kayak For Under £40 In Case You Missed Out On Lidl's Last Week

Aldi Is Selling A Kayak For Under £40 In Case You Missed Out On Lidl's Last Week

To the middle aisle!

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Hot on the heels of Lidl's cheap-as-chips two-person kayak, Aldi is now flogging its own version for a price-matching £39.99 ($51.76). An absolute bargain if you happen to be in the market for an inflatable kayak.

The Crane Inflatable Two-Person Kayak measures 310cm by 76cm when inflated and will carry up to 160kg, or two people.

It comes with its own wet bag, double paddle and a repair kit, which might get you out of a sticky situation.


A description of it on the Aldi website reads: "Take yourself on a wonderful adventure with this Crane Inflatable 2-Person Kayak. This kayak has two main chambers for two adults, and comes with a double paddle, waterproof storage bag and match bag, making it ideal for days out on the lake with a loved one."

And all that is standing in your way is 40 measly quid.

However, if you do fancy messing about on the river in one of these bad boys, you will be saddened to learn they're currently sold out online, so you'll have to go in store and see if you can locate one in the magical middle aisle.

The cheap kayak is pretty similar to the one Lidl was offering last week, even down to the £39.99 price tag, which was a big hit with shoppers and quickly sold out.

Now, if you don't want a kayak, Aldi is also offering a Crane Inflatable Family Boat, for £39.99, which will carry up 260kg - or three adults - and is 278cm by 133cm when inflated.

It also comes with the paddles, meaning all you need to provide is a couple of mates and a water source.


The boat offers 'excellent handling in the water' and, like the kayak, is salt water resistant.

When you're done with it, it's quick to deflate and can be packed away in its storage bag, ready to be left in the shed for three and a half years until you come across it by chance and decided to go back out on it.

Again, this one is sold out online so if you do want one, you'll have to pop in store.

Good luck!

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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