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South African Baggage Handler Spotted Treating People's Luggage With Great Care

South African Baggage Handler Spotted Treating People's Luggage With Great Care

There have been quite a lot of negative stories in the news recently about baggage handlers, but - contrary to popular belief - they aren't all malevolent luggage chuckers whose only single goal in life is to destroy our things.

One baggage handler in South Africa has been praised after a video showing him taking extreme care with people's stuff as it comes on to the revolving baggage carousel.

We know very little about the guy, his name is Ephraim Sibeko, and he works at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg.

What we do know is that he certainly does a good job. As each piece of luggage drops onto the revolving belt he straightens it, and then gets ready to do the same for the next piece.


That's nice, right? He doesn't even have to do that - we'd be fine if it came to us a little crooked as long as the contents of it were still in good nick. Nice to see someone going above and beyond though.

Hopefully this example will act as an inspiration for some other people in the baggage handling racket.

Just recently there have been a number of incidents that have shaken to public's confidence in those responsible for making sure that their things make it safely on and off the flight, and - more often than not - to the correct destination.


One video showed a baggage handler at an airport on Ibiza with his hands inside someone else's case. The cheeky sod stole a speaker from the piece of luggage, but was then caught, fired, and passed on to the police.

Another video has shown the kind of treatment that your luggage can get at Manchester Airport. Spoiler alert: It's not good.

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The footage showed one dude unloading a plane that had just landed by simply grabbing the bags and hurling them in the general direction of the trolley. None of his efforts hit the target.


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All it ended up doing was damaging people's luggage.

As with the sneak thief in Spain, this whole incident was captured on camera by a passenger.

Once news of the rogue baggage hurler reached the airport itself, they released a statement saying that they would be demanding an investigation be held by Swissport (the company that employs Manchester Airport's ground handling team) and the responsible party sacked.

Seems fair, he's obviously not happy in his work anyway.


Again, it's not all bad. On top of the South African handler who treats everyone else's luggage like he'd want his own, a Japanese handler was seen giving baggage a little wipe down and a check to see if it had been damaged earlier this year.

If everyone behaved like these two, everything could be so different, and perhaps baggage handlers would stop getting so much stick.

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