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Bloke Creates Ingenious 'Magic Coffee Cup' To Stop Spillages

Bloke Creates Ingenious 'Magic Coffee Cup' To Stop Spillages

Kacper Serafin had just £260 in his pocket when he moved to the UK from Poland

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A man was given £20,000 ($31,900) to help make his ingenious invention a reality, having come up with an idea for a product that pretty much all of us could do with.

Kacper Serafin had just £260 ($319) in his pocket when he moved to the UK from Poland - but also came armed with a nifty little design for a coffee mug that you can't knock over.

Kacper Serafin

Serafin had been working in an sports shop warehouse packing boxes during the day, but spend nights developing his coding and design skills for his product.

He told the Mirror: "One night, the coffee spilt all over my work notes so the idea came to me to sell coffee mugs that didn't easily knock over and ruin your hard work!"

Kacper Serafin

Serafin continued: "I had a very small room with a tiny, shaking desk and I wanted to find a solution to the problem I was facing.

"I also wanted a coffee mug that you could take to work and the coffee would keep warm for busy people such as me working in the warehouse during the day."

He took up another job as a Deliveroo rider so that he could afford a trip to China, where he hoped to develop his 'magic coffee mug' idea.

Kacper Serafin

However, Serafin eventually realised he'd have to quit his full-time job in the warehouse and juggle his Deliveroo work with his own business.

"I went to China to meet potential suppliers and found a factory to work with who I still work with now," he said.

"In China I oversaw the production line and decided to test out a trial of 50 mugs which sold very well, so I then ordered 200 more and then 500 and was able to register the trademark the 'Magic Suction Mug' in July 2018."

What he didn't realise is that there was even greater news to come, as Deliveroo - also a start-up business - announced it wanted to see what ideas its riders had for their own businesses, asking them to pitch.

The company ended up loving Serafin's idea so much, it awarded him £20,000 to help it grow.


"My business pitch to Deliveroo included detailed plans on how I will work with local community people to build my brand and promote the product to as many people as possible," the designer said.

"Right now I am still packing the parcels and organising every aspect of the business.

"This investment will allow me to hire someone to help with the graphic design and videography to show people how the product works and spread the word!"

As for anyone else in a similar boat, Serafin thinks it's all down to working hard and not letting yourself get knocked back.

"To anyone starting a new venture I would tell them that they don't need lots of money or special skills to start a new business, but you have to get started and keep trying even if you have knock backs," he said.

"All you need is to take a leap first, work hard and eventually the big results will come to you. You won't be able to get there without taking that calculated risk at the start."

Featured Image Credit: Kacper Serafin

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