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Britain Could Be Set For 'Super Summer' Of Warm Weather

Britain Could Be Set For 'Super Summer' Of Warm Weather

Things can only get better!

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Britain could be heading for a particularly warm summer this year - a 'super summer', if you will - which would be a dramatic turnaround in fortunes given how wretched 2021 has been so far.

Remember that hot spell we had a few weeks ago? It feels a long time since then, given the sub-zero temperatures and - in many cases - snow that followed.

Well, fear not, because we could be set for a return to temperatures in the 20s or even 30s before too long, as the hot air starts to blow in our direction once more.

In fact, one forecaster even predicted that it could be the hottest summer 'from the past 10 years', which would be great.

Hell, it feels like we've earned some decent weather after the past year or so.


Speaking to The Daily Express, Jim Dale of British Weather Services said: "There will definitely be some spikes of heat as we go into summer when I expect to see temperatures in the high 20Cs or even the low 30Cs.

"This is largely because of a balancing effect which, after the colder period of weather over the past couple of months, dominated by a northerly airflow, should revert and come from a more southerly direction."

It's not just him, too.


The Met Office's three-month contingency planner also predicts 'greater than normal impacts from hot weather' as the spring progresses towards the height of summer.

John Hammond, from, added: "While at this range, there's no obvious signal of hot weather, I'd be surprised if 30-degree days are that far away by early May.

"It seems to take very little effort these days for temperatures to be encouraged to soar.

"Any hint of southerly winds would provide that encouragement."


This all points to good news - for those of us who like being outside, having barbecues and drinking beer, that is.

It could come around quicker than we think, as well.

As the lockdown measures ease, meaning we can all go outside for a pint at various hospitality venues, we could see some more warm weather this April too.

In fact, Ladbrokes betting company has slashed the odds from 5/1 down to 4/1 on this April being the hottest ever.

Representative Alex Apati told The Sun: "The weather is about to take a turn for the better and there's every chance this goes down as a record-breaking hot April as a result."

Things might just be starting to look up, folks.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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