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Britain's Longest Suffering Coronavirus Patient Home For Christmas After 222 Days In Hospital

Britain's Longest Suffering Coronavirus Patient Home For Christmas After 222 Days In Hospital

Ali Sakallioglu was at death's door, but will now celebrate Christmas at home

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Britain's longest-suffering Covid-19 patient has been given the all-clear to return home for Christmas after spending 222 days straight in hospital battling the virus.

Ali Sakallioglu, 57, has been at risk of having his life support machines turned off, and his kids have been told to say their final goodbyes on three separate occasions, but he will now be able to rest up at home following his marathon ordeal.

His children have refused to give up on their dad, and even asked for him to be turned onto his front in a final attempt to save his life.

Last month, he was finally able to return home to celebrate the festive season with his children and grandchildren.

Ali Sakallioglu

He told the Daily Mirror: "I was given zero chance of survival, so it feels like a miracle to be able to celebrate Christmas.

"On three different occasions they phoned my daughter and told her to get everyone down because I wasn't going to make it.

"I can't wait for Christmas - I have to be careful as I want to be here next Christmas."

Ali Sakallioglu

He later told LADbible: "I hope my story gives hope to families that have loved ones in hospital.

"Thanks to the NHS and my family for being there, and my girlfriend."

Ali's five grown-up children - 38-year-old Ali, 36-year-old Seniz, 34-year-old Ayse, 32-year-old Jay, and 31-year-old Yasemin - were all told to bid their final farewell to their beloved father while wearing full PPE in the hospital.

Jay told the Mirror: "Hope was all we had and we knew he wasn't giving up. It's incredible to have him here for Christmas. It's the best present we could have asked for."

Ali will now be able to celebrate Christmas in the proper manner with Jay, who lives with him, and his girlfriend Sheena O'Shay at their home in Catford, South London.

Ali Sakallioglu

He also hopes the vaccine can get rolled out as soon as humanly possible so that everyone can get themselves back to normal in quick fashion.

Ali wants to return to his work driving a cab as soon as possible, but wants to be able to do that safe in the knowledge he won't contract the virus for a second time in the process.

He also wants to tell anyone who is sceptical about getting the virus that it is the right thing to do, and definitely preferable to the life he has lived throughout much of this pandemic in hospital.

He said: "I'd encourage everyone to get it."

Featured Image Credit: Ali Sakallioglu

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