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​Britain’s Most Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson Gets Married in Jail

​Britain’s Most Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson Gets Married in Jail

Today Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Salvador, formerly known as Charles Bronson, has temporarily traded his prison-issue tracksuit for a wedding suit.

Violent criminal-turned-artist Bronson has married the 37-year-old ex-Coronation Street actor Paula Williamson at HMP Wakefield where he is currently imprisoned.


Only five people are believed to have witnessed Bronson's marriage at the West Yorkshire prison which got underway at around 2pm today.

The wedding ceremony itself was shrouded in secrecy, hence why few concrete details are known. However, there has been speculation as to events.

Bride Paula Williamson is escorted into the prison (Credit: SWNS)

The 64-year-old long-time lag and Williamson are believed to have exchanged rings with the initials 'CPS' engraved on them - standing for Charles and Paula Salvador.


Bronson will likely have been handcuffed to a warden throughout the ceremony before being taken back to his cell, with the couple unable to consummate their marriage.

Friends and family of Bronson and Williamson are set to spend the rest of today celebrating at the three-star York House Hotel - a short walk away from the prison.

Credit: SWNS

Two cars have been spotted in the car-park of the hotel where Williamson and wedding guests are thought to be staying.

One black Saab convertible has been pictured with the words 'free Charles Bronson' blazoned on the side.

Witnesses have also seen a silver-blue Mercedes in the car park with the words 'Just Married' strung to the back of the vehicle and a white ribbon tied to the front.

Bronson lookalike Timothy Crowley was in attendance (Credit: SWNS)

Credit: SWNS

Bronson and Williamson got engaged on February 13 after they had been an couple for around five months.

It is believed that Williamson, who has also starred in other soaps such as Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, will go on honeymoon to Malta alone without her husband.

Williamson has previously said on the record that the pair are considering starting a family and would like to have children in the future.

The reception will be held at a nearby hotel without Bronson (Credit: SWNS)

Bronson has spent 41 years on and off in jail, 37 of those in solitary confinement, most of those for violent offences.

The former bareknuckle boxer was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1999 for taking an education worker hostage at HMP Belmarsh.

In 2007, Bronson said that he has now renounced violence as he changed his name to Charles Salvador in respect to his favourite artist Salvador Dali.

"It's non-violent all the way," Bronson said. "It's a peaceful journey from here on... Coz my heart is at peace and my mind is set on art."

The Parole Board is set to make a decision on Bronson's future within the next two weeks. As part of his sentence, if released he is liable to return to prison for the rest of his life if he does not adhere to certain conditions.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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