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Brits Reveal The Perfect Amount Of Presents To Open On Christmas Day

Brits Reveal The Perfect Amount Of Presents To Open On Christmas Day

You should also be eating your Christmas dinner by 2:30pm, according to this survey

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Apparently, there's a certain amount of gifts that result in 'the perfect' Christmas day here in the UK.

If you're opening fewer than 13 presents on Christmas Day this year then apparently, you should be upset because according to Brits, this is the perfect amount of gifts that you should be receiving.

The stat comes as part of an extensive survey run by OnePoll to find out just what the perfect Christmas for Brits meant, but also as part of a drive to help families less fortunate enjoy a better festive season than normal.


So, what else did the 2000 people involved in the poll think would make for a perfect Christmas Day? Prepare yourselves, it gets quite detailed.

Apparently, we should all be wanting to wake up at 8am, which may be difficult if you're one of those who enjoys a night out on Christmas eve.

We should all be eating dinner by 2.30pm and a white Christmas is obviously preferable, with four inches of snow considered the optimum amount.

Other findings show that a glass of fizz should be served at 10.28am, while board games should commence just after 3pm. So, you really better make sure you're eating by 2:30pm or you're going to have to wolf that food down.


It was also judged that people should watch at least two festive movies throughout the day and there should be at least two mince pies to eat on top of your Christmas dinner.

Those polled spent an average of £547 per person on Christmas expenses - including gifts, decorations and food shopping. No small change for many.

According to the Daily Mirror, the research helps paint a picture of the perfect Christmas Day - but it also highlights how this is not the reality for many families.

Adults would spend as much as two hours and 45 minutes doing their Christmas shopping while a third of adults would prefer to have a real Christmas tree as opposed to an artificial one.

With the difficulties of the last year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it's perhaps understandable that a quarter of those polled are feeling more pressure to deliver the perfect Christmas this year.


The main areas that people are worried about are getting the perfect present, entertaining family and friends, and preparing the food.

There's a growing sense that expectations around Christmas are getting higher, with nearly four in ten of those feeling the pressure saying this and claiming it's due to the events of lockdown last year, while 26 percent are out of pocket by the time it comes to the festive season.

It's worth remembering that if you're one of the lucky people reading this and finding this idea of a perfect Christmas familiar, there are - very sadly - plenty out there who aren't so lucky over the festive period.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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