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Cadbury To Launch Three New Dairy Milk Bar Flavours Next Week

Cadbury To Launch Three New Dairy Milk Bar Flavours Next Week

We get to pick one to keep

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Dairy Milk is without a doubt the best chocolate bar, hands down (don't @ me, Galaxy crew). But if you've ever thought the Cadbury classic had a little room for variety, here's some good news: we're due to get three new flavours this week.

The new flavours were designed for the Cadbury Inventor 2020 competition, where people submitted their ideas to the chocolatiers, and the three-strong shortlist includes coconut, blueberry and honeycomb caramel favours. The most popular one will become a permanent fixture on shop shelves.

So what do we know about these tempting new creations?


The first one, 'Gillian's Cadbury Dairy Milk Coconutty' is a mixture of white crisp pearls, coconut crumble and - obvs - milk chocolate. Now I don't know what a coconut crumble is, but I'm here for it.

Gillian, 36, from Northern Ireland is the brains behind the Coconutty and she says it's inspired by her kids' love of fresh coconut. Makes sense.

Then we have Shannon's Dairy Milk Crunchy Honeycomb. OK, at first this one sounds suspiciously like a Crunchie - again, one of the best chocolate bars on earth. But look closer, there's more to it.


This idea comes courtesy of 19-year-old student Shannon, from Nottingham. She combined a little trio of her faves, mixing crunchy honeycomb pieces, caramel flavoured fudge and chopped hazelnuts. Yes please.

And the third, Taylor's Cadbury Dairy Milk Out Of The Blueberry, has - yes, you guessed it - blueberries in it.

Created by 24-year-old mum-of-two from Leeds, Taylor, she said it's inspired by her son's obsession with blueberries.


I can't quite envision this one, but it has milk chocolate with juicy blueberry flavoured nuggets, with those mysterious white crisp pearls again.

Of course, we've had different variations for a while now - the Oreo ones are god tier BTW, and don't even bother speaking to me if you're a Fruit & Nut fan.

So when can you get your hands on them? The flavours will be available in Tesco supermarkets from Wednesday 8 July.

But don't panic if you don't live near a Tesco - they will be available in supermarkets nationwide on 22 July.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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