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People Are Fuming About The Dress Meghan Markle Wore For Engagement Snaps

People Are Fuming About The Dress Meghan Markle Wore For Engagement Snaps

People have criticised Prince Harry's new fiancée for wearing such a pricey dress.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their official engagement photos this week, shot in the grounds of Kensington Palace. They chose to share three official photographs with the public, but not everyone is impressed by them.

Yup, as ever, people are fuming over something over on social media.

People are furious because of the expensive dress Meghan is wearing, as the dress in question is designed by English duo Ralph & Russo and is reported to have cost an eye-watering £56,000, according to the Mirror. Fucking hell.

The grown, described as a 'black tulle gown with silk organza skirt, hand appliquéd with silk tulle ruffles and embroidered with gold feather thread-work' for those of you who care, costs almost twice the average wage in the UK.

People took to Twitter to vent:

One woman wrote on Facebook: "I think it's obscene that she would spend that kind of money particularly when she's been to countries to see what that kind of money could buy to help starving kids or vaccinate against disease."

But, what did they expect her to wear for her official engagement photos to an actual Prince? Also, it's important to remember that Meghan is a pretty successful actress and can probably afford to spend stupid money on dresses - it is a special occasion after all.

And, that designers are falling over themselves to gift the Royals with dresses, because it's good for their image, so there's a decent chance she was given this as a present or was allowed to borrow it for the day.

Source: Mirror

Featured Image Credit: PA

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