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​Prince William's New Haircut Cost Him £180 – Despite Him Having No Hair

​Prince William's New Haircut Cost Him £180 – Despite Him Having No Hair

Apparently the new hairdo cost Wills well over 10 times what most people are used to forking out at the barber

Most of us have a mate who'll always be the butt of the bald jokes, even if they've just got a tiny bit of a receding hairline or a thinning patch on the top of their head. It probably gets pretty annoying - but imagine being a 35-year-old prince, whose lack of hair has been the topic of conversation since he was in his 20s.

Now Prince William has decided to go all Bruce Willis on us, embracing his baldness by shaving most of his hair off. Or rather, he got someone else to do it, for the princely sum of £180 ($250).


His dramatic new do was created after he sought advice from Richard Ward - the long-time hairdresser of his wife, Kate - as the Sun reports. The newspaper also speculates that it was Ward's deputy, Joey Wheeler, who created the look.

Either way, he spent over 10 times what most blokes are used to forking out on their regular trim.

Barber Anthony Kent, who runs a shop in Birmingham, told the Sun: "That price has no relation to the actual cost - if Wills came in here he'd get the same cut for just over a tenner.

"I guess it's the price of privacy. He's paying for them to be discreet."

According to the Daily Mail, Harry teases his brother quite a lot about his hair - because, y'know, Harry's the funny one - but Kate upped the ante during a Royal trip to Sydney in 2014.

While at the Royal Easter Show, Kate Middleton was shown a tuft of alpaca wool. But instead of smiling and saying 'oh that's delightful', she pointed to Wills head and said: "You need it more than me."



He needn't worry, though, as a recent study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania actually revealed that baldness is now considered sexy.

Participants in the study, both male and female, were asked to rate pictures of men according to their attractiveness, confidence and dominance.

In each category, bald men came out on top, with the hairstyle - or lack thereof - seen as appealing because the fellas had gone against the grain when it came to traditional norms associated with attractiveness and hair.

The study reported that choosing "to dispense with one's hair is arguably a form of nonverbal behaviour, a form of expression which communicates information about the self otherwise difficult to observe."

So basically, Wills clearly just felt the need to express himself, no doubt after all these years of baldness-related banter from his brother. Hey, you do your thing, pal.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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