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Changes For Motorists Begin Today Including Driving Lessons And Car Tax

Changes For Motorists Begin Today Including Driving Lessons And Car Tax

New changes come in to place today starting with car tax

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Fuel duty might have been frozen for the tenth year in a row, but today marks the beginning of some other changes motorists are set to face - starting with car tax rising in line with inflation.

Car tax, otherwise known as vehicle excise duty, is rising with the new tax year, meaning you're going to be forking out more to drive.


For cars registered before 1 March 2001, the rate of vehicle tax depends on its engine size.

The rate for cars registered on or after 1 March 2001 depends on CO2 emissions and fuel type. They'll be taxed using the old system if this information is not available.

You can find out how much more you're going to be paying here.

Keith Hawes at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, told The Mirror: "Tax increases and changes in tax law are inevitable and even necessary, if not always welcome.

"It's already been a difficult year for Britain's motorists, and proposed tax changes are unlikely to make it any easier."


There's slightly better news for learner drivers, though, as they're set to be able to resume driving lessons and theory tests very soon.

In England, learners are included in Step Two of the Government's restart roadmap, which means that driving lessons are scheduled to start again on 12 April.

On top of car driving tests picking up again, theory tests, motorbike tests, LGV tests and car and trailer driving tests will also come back. Theory tests will also come back on 12 April.

In Scotland things are looking a little bit different. For learner drivers north of the border, lessons will be back from 26 April.


When it comes to driving tests in England, things are pushed back a little further, as people won't be able to take them until 22 April at the earliest.

They will be subject to Covid vaccination targets and whether new variants of the virus are under control.

You can still book and manage tests online.

A more localised change looks to be on its way in the form of Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) being introduced in places outside of London.

In the capital, to enter ULEZ you will pay £12.50 on top of congestion fees that might be in place. According to The Mirror, from 25 October 2021, the ULEZ area will expand up to the North and South Circular ring roads but stop short of including them.

There are said to be plans to introduce similar zones to Bath and Birmingham, as well as the possibility being under consideration for Bristol.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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