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University Worker Blasts Monopoly Oxford Edition For 'Everyday Sexism'

University Worker Blasts Monopoly Oxford Edition For 'Everyday Sexism'

It didn't take long for Monopoly to respond to her complaint

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A university chaplain has hit out at Monopoly, claiming the Oxford edition of the board game is guilty of sexism.

The University of Suffolk worker took to Twitter to voice her concerns after she bought the popular game last year in anticipation for the Christmas festivities, but was upset with seeing how women were represented compared to men.

She took photographs of the packaging, which showed a group of men as they were graduating, while the only women on the design were wearing 'bikinis' and sunbathing on a boat, which was being pushed along by a man.

Sharing the pictures on her social media page, the uni worker wrote: "I purchased an Oxford Monopoly set over Christmas and was disappointed.

"The pictures on the board are of male graduates - do women not graduate from Oxford?


"The only women pictured are wearing bikinis! Time to update this fabulous game please. #everydaysexism"

And it didn't take long for Monopoly to respond to her complaint. Tweeting her, they said she would have to contact the actual manufacturers of the board game, Winning Moves, as they were responsible.

The firm wrote: "This version is manufactured under license by Winning Moves. Please contact them directly with any queries."

The board game fan hit out at Monopoly for the 'sexist' depiction of women.

Women are shown sunbathing in 'bikinis' on a boat.

This isn't the first time major brands have been called out for 'everyday sexism', last week supermarket giant, Tesco, was criticised for using dated stereotypes on its trolleys, which depict several images of a woman pushing a cart with children sat inside.

There is also a drawing of a man pushing a trolley but rather than it being laden with children it is filled with a 100kg weight, you know, because men just carry heavy shit, they don't look after kids.

One woman from Manchester wasn't having any of it and posted a complaint on social media, claiming the safety instructions used an outdated depiction of women's roles.

One customer complained to the supermarket giant about the trolleys.

She wrote: "Tesco, is it only women who do the food shopping and look after the kids?"

The mum wasn't the only one who was outraged, with others taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Samantha Rennie, from equality group the Rosa UK Fund for Women and Girls, said: "The idea that shopping trolleys should be gendered in any way seems ridiculous.

"It's a seemingly small factor that plays a role in reinforcing stereotypical ideas of the woman being responsible for the weekly food shop."

Tesco has since announced it is in the process of making trolleys gender-neutral.

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