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Chunkz Gets 'Date' With Maya Jama After Initially Being Friendzoned

Chunkz Gets 'Date' With Maya Jama After Initially Being Friendzoned

Chunkz has done what many hope for in their lives, but few achieve. He's made it out of the friendzone. Yep, the YouTuber has only gone and bagged 'a date' with Maya Jama.

The pair built up a rapport during this year's Soccer Aid. But while the TV presenter had said the pair of them would only ever be BFFs, Chunkz manged to work his charm and persuaded her to give him a chance.

Though it was touch and go for a while.

Posting a picture of themselves together on Twitter, Chunkz (Amin Mohamed to his mother) joked: "Missed a pen but i bagged Maya Jama, so who really won?"


Maya, appearing to pour cold water on his hopes, then said: "We're def prob related but we can be BFFs for life chunkell."

To which a devastated Chunkz replied: "So I took 2 L's in less than 24 hours haha... "



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But then, out of nowhere, the social media star claimed Maya had a change of heart and they were set to go on a 'first date' together.

Sharing a screenshot of the pair on a video call, Chunkz said: "Yo you lot, had a chat with my babes and she's given me a chance! First date next week, wish me luck!"


Replying to the tweet, Maya simply wrote: "Consistency is key."

So who knows, maybe this is the love story the world needs right now?

However, while Chunkz seems to have done something right, one way not to impress Maya - or anyone - is by sending her unsolicited d*** pics.

Speaking during an Instagram Live with Clara Amfo earlier this year, the radio presenter said: "I never used to reply to DMs because I'd be like, I don't ever want to meet somebody through DMs.


"But obviously, recently I've replied to DMs. If somebody's done a funny meme or a gif, or something like that makes me chuckle, that's good."

Speaking specifically about the weirdos who think it's OK to send snaps of their genitals, she added: "It always goes through my mind, like, 'You've sent me a picture of your willy. Even if I loved the sight of you, I can't respond to you now because I've just seen your willy.'"

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