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Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Teases UK Tour Confirming ‘Holidays Are Coming’

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Teases UK Tour Confirming ‘Holidays Are Coming’

It's believed the full details of the truck's journey are imminent

It's the event many people have been waiting for and it's not too far away - the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour will be back and 'holidays are coming'.

The red truck usually visits different locations across the UK, but last year's tour was cancelled due to coronavirus.

The truck is an opportunity for people to take some festive pictures and enjoy a free bottle of the good stuff, usually wrapped up in hats, gloves and scarves.

Amanda rose/Alamy Stock Photo

The tour usually begins at the end of November and a full schedule is often shared, which we're still waiting for.

We know that the tour is definitely going ahead though because the people behind the company's Twitter account have been teasing fans with cryptic messages.

In response to someone on Twitter asking when the truck tour would be announced the company wrote: "Keep your eyes on our socials..."

F-Stop boy/Alamy Stock Photo

Another person wrote: "Still waiting... has the truck got stuck?" To which they replied: "We're just recruiting the last of our reindeer."

A third said: "It's about time you released the Christmas Coke truck dates if it's touring this year... how do you expect people to work it into their schedules if they don't know when and where it's coming..."

That's the spirit, hard and to the point.

Not wanting to irritate the customer anymore, Coca-Cola wrote: "It shouldn't be long now," followed by the Santa Claus emoji.

The famous truck marks the beginning of the festive season for many, thanks to its appearances on Coke adverts soundtracked by the famous 'Holidays are coming' song.

In recent years, the vehicle has made the journey from telly to real life which it will be doing once again.

Paula Solloway/Alamy Stock Photo

Back in 2019, the truck visited 19 different locations and went from Edinburgh on 15 November landing at the O2 Arena in London on 15 December.

It's not clear yet whether there the truck will be taking a similar journey or whether there will be more stop off locations to make up for missing 2020.

Here's hoping.

Featured Image Credit: Paula Solloway/Alamy Stock Photo

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