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Couple 'Forced To Stay Up Until 5AM' To Stop Slugs Invading Their House

Couple 'Forced To Stay Up Until 5AM' To Stop Slugs Invading Their House

A couple from Hull claim that they are being forced to stay up until 5am each morning in order to stop slugs from invading their house.

OK, so in this instance the use of the word 'forced' is slightly ambiguous. They're not exactly standing around with tiny little guns, but bear with - there is a serious reason for it all.


Kerry Rumble and her partner and carer Carl Taylor have been discovering loads of slimy little slugs in their East Hull council house and she says that she's even found them in places like the kettle.

Credit: Hull Live/WS
Credit: Hull Live/WS

Kerry is due to go in for an operation that will leave her with reduced mobility for a month, but can't bear the thought of being laid up in the house surrounded by slugs.

The slugs only appeared over the course of the last month, but they've been appearing in numbers.

She told Hull Live: "At first we didn't really notice them. There was just one, two or maybe three slugs, but now there's eight or ten at one time and there's just too many.


"I've reported it to the council and they said they're going to put in a new skirting board and wooden unit where the sink is, but what is that going to do?

"We've got no holes at all outside and there is nowhere for them to come in through, but somehow they're getting on my worktop, on my cooker and in my kettle. It's ridiculous."

Hull City Council have confirmed that the work is due to take place on the house soon, but Miss Rumble wants to get it done even sooner.

She continued: "They're all in the kitchen and I've tipped salt along the floor which we are having to walk through.

"We're not going to bed until 5am because we're having to catch these slugs at that time as that's when they're coming in.

Credit: Hull Live/WS
Credit: Hull Live/WS

"We're then getting up at 9am so we're only getting a few hours' sleep and I just feel dirty having to constantly scrub the floors all the time.

"I don't want to make a sandwich thinking that a slug has been all over my worktop and now when I'm making a cup of coffee I'm constantly checking the kettle beforehand.

"I felt absolutely sick when that happened and I rang the doctors to ask if I could get poorly from drinking a cup of coffee which a slug had been in.

"I've had to buy a new kettle and toaster and I just can't stand being around these slugs."

To make matters worse, they've got two dogs in the house, including a tiny puppy.

Slugs can be dangerous if eaten by dogs as they can carry lungworm, which could potentially kill the pups.

A spokesperson for Hull City Council said: "As agreed with Miss Rumble on August 15 when she made the council aware of her concern, a surveyor is visiting her home on September 2.

"In addition she has other repairs due to be carried out next Tuesday, August 27."

Featured Image Credit: Hull Live/WS

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