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Couple Set Up GoFundMe Page To Modernise Their 'Outdated' Home

Couple Set Up GoFundMe Page To Modernise Their 'Outdated' Home

The key workers are appealing for help to bring their house into the 21st century

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A couple have set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise the cash to modernise their home, which they say is outdated.

Adam Stark and Ali Jennings - who met up on Tinder just before the country locked down in 2020 - moved into a house in the Staffordshire town of Burton at the beginning of 2021.

They are both key workers, and saved up throughout the last year to afford the house, but now don't have enough cash for the modernisation they believe the house is in dire need of.

The gaff was previously owned by an elderly man and hasn't been done up in about 20 or 30 years.

Now, Staffordshire Live reports, they've decided to ask people to donate to their cause via the GoFundMe page. They have set their fundraising goal at £2,500 ($3,400).

The kitchen.
BPM Media

They've also appealed for anyone who is getting rid of a kitchen or a bathroom that is still in good nick if they'll donate it, and any tradespeople who are happy to give them a helping hand for a day to get in touch.

Adam, who works for the NHS delivering medical supplies to hospitals and treatment centres, said: "I know with everything that is going on that there's a lot of support for key workers at the moment and it was suggested to me by a friend to do this and I thought 'why not?'

"I can do a lot of the work myself but I will have to get other people in. It's the bathroom and kitchen that mainly need doing. We want them redoing completely but we don't mind if it is second-hand stuff.

"I believe the house did belong to an elderly gentleman and it has not been touched for 20 to 30 plus years. It's all very old and needs updating."

The bathroom.
BPM Media

He continued: "We moved here as the area is beautiful, it's a lovely house, a lovely street and a lovely community. The house has not been neglected, it just needs updating.

"We saw the potential this house had and thought we could make it our family home. We saw a lot of houses in different areas and thought this was the right one.

"If people were to donate things to the house or if tradespeople don't have money but want to donate a day off to help us that would be amazing. We'd appreciate anything like that.

"We'd appreciate any help we can get. We don't expect to get the whole house done for free but a little bit of help would be amazing."

Adam and Ali are both key workers.
Reach PLC

Adam's girlfriend Ali works as a technician at SpaMedica in Wolverhampton treating patients on the NHS.

The pair moved into Ali's mum's house not long after getting together in order to save money and are now engaged.

If you wish to help them out, you can donate to their cause here.

Featured Image Credit: BPM Media

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