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'Danger To Life' Warning Issued For UK As Storm Helene Approaches

'Danger To Life' Warning Issued For UK As Storm Helene Approaches

Bridges, airports and ferry services in affected areas could be closed as powerful gusts approach the UK

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

We've heard of them all, haven't we? Katrina, Matthew, Isaac, Florence, Wilma... no, not a list of the most popular children's names. We're talking about hurricanes and storms, obviously.

Well, there's a new kid on the block. Let us introduce you to Storm Helene. And she isn't fucking about.

With the potential to bring 80mph winds and cut power to homes and businesses - oh yes, she's coming with a bang.

Here she is.

And to make matters worse, forecasters have warned that the storm could pose a danger to life when it approaches UK soil next week.

According to the Independent, ferocious winds in the Atlantic threaten to whip across western regions of England and Wales from Monday evening.

She could bring with her 80mph gusts which could send debris flying, disrupt travel and cut off power to thousands of homes and businesses.

The Met Office warning reads: "Storm Helene is expected to bring a period of very strong winds to western parts of the UK late Monday and for a time on Tuesday.

"Storm Helene is expected to push north-east towards the UK late Monday, before clearing quickly to the north of Scotland through Tuesday morning.

"There remains large uncertainty in Helene's exact track, however a spell of very strong winds is expected, initially for parts of south-west England and west Wales, then later south-west Scotland and the south-east of Northern Ireland.

"Winds are likely to gust to 55-65 mph quite widely in the warning area, with possible gusts of 70-80 mph in exposure."


Hurricane Florence in the US.

The Met Office also outlined a number of reasons to be cautious, just in case you weren't fearing for your life already. And to think we once thought that heatwave was here to stay, eh?

Their list includes things like: injuries and danger to life from flying debris, longer journey times and cancellations possible, fallen trees, and a chance that large waves and beach material could cause injury.

Met Office

Nicky Maxey from the Met Office told the Sun Online: "There is currently a wide model spread on the exact track - but Helene is heading for Britain.

"A Yellow warning will be issued for winds - just to make people aware that there's a risk. The colour might change as we get closer to the time.

"The western side of the country could really bear the brunt. It's bringing gale-force winds and fairly heavy rain in places, so it will feel close and muggy."

Time to dig the wellies out. Why did we ever wish for the sun to go?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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