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Drink-Driving Socialite, 24, Begs Judge Not To Ban Her 'As She'd Have To Use Public Transport'

Drink-Driving Socialite, 24, Begs Judge Not To Ban Her 'As She'd Have To Use Public Transport'

Kay Holcroft had been drinking in Manchester and hopped on a train to Cheshire, before getting behind the wheel of her car to drive home

A wealthy socialite who was caught drink-driving after a night out, saying she believed she had sobered up, now fears her ban will have a 'massive impact' on her.

Kay Holcroft, 24, had been drinking wine in a restaurant on 15 August, having posted glamorous photos of herself on Instagram.

She then hopped on a train from Manchester to Cheshire, where she then got behind the wheel of her white BMW 1 Series 116D Sport to drive home.

Police noticed her swerving on the roads as she made her way back to the £1.2 million home she shares with her parents in the affluent Prestbury village, near Alderley Edge.

When officers stopped her outside the Ye Olde Admiral Rodney pub, a breath test showed she was 21 points over the alcohol limit, with 56 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - much more than the legal limit of 35 micrograms.

Cavendish Press

Holcroft - an accounts assistant for a fashion chain, whose parents run a company supplying equipment for fork life trucks - was disqualified from driving for 15 months after she admitted driving with excess alcohol.

Appearing at Stockport Magistrates, she said the ban would have a 'massive impact' on her life, as she would have to take public transport to work.

Prosecutor Gareth Hughes told the hearing: "Police were on patrol in the Prestbury area and when just after midnight they saw the defendant's BMW swerving and being driven in an erratic manner. Police stopped her outside The Ye Olde Admiral Rodney pub.

"She said she had visited a public house in Manchester and as the officers approached, they could smell alcohol on her breath, her eyes were also bloodshot and glazed. She confirmed she had been drinking with a friend an hour beforehand in Manchester. She undertook a breathalyser test.''

In mitigation defence, solicitor Sam Fixter said: ''This defendant has no previous convictions or cautions, and she has a clean driving record.

Cavendish Press

"She had been in Manchester and had been for a meal with a friend. She had a few glasses of wine and got the train back home. She thought because of the lapse of time while travelling on the train, that there had been enough time for the alcohol to dissipate and therefore be able to drive home. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and she was over the limit.

''Her car was parked in a secluded car park just a few minutes' walk from where she lives but she did not want to leave her car overnight.

''She is extremely remorseful. She works in Cheetham Hill, Manchester as an Account Assistant and this case will have a massive impact on her as she will now have to use various public transport links to get to work.''

Holcroft was fined £200 and ordered to pay a further £119 in costs and surcharges.

JP Mayor Shah told her: "We have taken into consideration the work you do but if you have had a drink, you should get a taxi.

''You do not know what your body can take. Go out and have a drink but book a taxi next time. A taxi would have been much cheaper than losing your license for 15 months. I hope you have got that message."

Featured Image Credit: Cavendish Press

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