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E-Scooter Rider Charged With Drink-Driving After Falling Off And Breaking Dog's Leg

E-Scooter Rider Charged With Drink-Driving After Falling Off And Breaking Dog's Leg

He will appear in court next month

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A man who fell off his electric scooter and broke his dog's leg has been charged with drink driving.

The incident, which happened in London's Hyde Park on Boxing Day, saw the man come off his scooter while carrying his dog.

In a post on social media, Royal Parks Police said: "Rider of e scooter came off in Hyde Park last night. Had been drinking and was carrying his dog.


"The dog suffered a broken leg. Rider arrested drink driving and the dog was taken to the vet.

"Rider charged drink driving and no insurance. The dog is recovering."

The 31-year-old, from Camden, is set to appear in court on 11 January.

Concerned residents responded to the post to condemn the man's actions, with one person saying: "I feel sorry for the poor dog. Scrap them things."

Another wrote: "Sod the dog it could've been a person he injured, these things are a bloody menace and 99 percent are illegal. Seize the lot of them!"

Someone else posted: "Don't drink and drive, don't hold dogs in your arms whilst riding electric scooters.

"You'd think this would be obvious. People try to justify it, but this behaviour is what WILL lead to justifiable clampdowns on PEVs/portable electric vehicles."

Although popular, privately owned e-scooters on illegal on UK roads and pavements, with riders facing a fixed penalty notice of £300 and six points on their licence if they're caught by coppers.

Back in January, a man in London became the first person to be convicted of drink driving while using an electric scooter.

Dmitry Gromov was found to have been one-and-a-half times over the legal limit when he crashed into a motorbike in London last year, injuring the driver and passenger.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard that the 28-year-old had 134mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood - the legal limit is 80mg.


At court, he pleaded guilty to drink driving and was banned from driving any vehicle for 16 months and was also ordered to pay £3,367.96 in compensation to the two victims.

Speaking about the case prior to sentencing, City of London Police Special Constable William Hamilton said Gromov was lucky that his victims were not injured more seriously.

He said: "There has recently been a steep rise in the use of electrically powered scooters on public roads.

"These scooters are currently illegal to ride anywhere, other than on private land.

"Not only did Gromov take the risk of riding an illegal vehicle on the road, he also put himself and others in danger by doing so under the influence of alcohol.

"Gromov will now be disqualified from driving and has had to pay a hefty fine for his carelessness.

"However, the consequences could have been much worse. Whilst this incident happened in the summer, we are well aware many people will be visiting bars and pubs after work over the Christmas period.

"Please make sure you plan a safe and legal route home - do not drink and drive."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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