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Eight-Year-Old Thanks Mum For 'Having Sex' So She Could 'Come Alive'

Eight-Year-Old Thanks Mum For 'Having Sex' So She Could 'Come Alive'

Eight-year-old Libbi Boynes proves she's already got banter as she leaves a note for her mum on her bedroom whiteboard.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

We're probably all eternally grateful to our parents for giving us a go at life but it's another thing to tell them that as casually as you would thank them for making your tea.

That's what happened to one mum who was left pissing herself after she found a note left by her eight-year-old daughter - thanking her for having sex so she and her brother could exist. That's one existential eight-year-old.

Sophie Boyns, from Medway, Kent, snuck into eight-year-old Libbi's bedroom to say goodnight when she found her daughter's, um, unusual message written on a whiteboard.

"I love you Daddy and Mummy," the message read. "Thank you for having sex so me and Oscar could come alive.'

Credit: Fortitude Press

Sophie, 34, who is also parent to a 10-year-old son Oscar, immediately headed back downstairs to share the banter with her husband, Mark, 35, about their daughter's straight-talking nature.

The mum had just got back from a night at the theatre, making Libbi's sincere whiteboard scrawl even more surprising.

"As I was up in her room I looked at this whiteboard and I absolutely belted into fits of laughter," Sophie said. "I sent the picture to our family Whatsapp group. Mark and I sat up and chatted about it. It was just a good way to end the night.

"We've all been speaking about it, and we're still laughing about it. Oscar found it hilarious because it had the word 'sex' in it." To be fair, I find that hilarious and I'm not 10 years old.

Sophie said that Libbi had asked for a whiteboard as she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and while Libbi leaving notes is nothing out of the ordinary she was still surprised by this one.

"Libbi often leaves us messages like 'I love you, Mummy,' and 'Goodnight, Daddy,' and 'Oscar smells', but you just don't expect a child of that age to come out with something like that," said Sophie, who works in banking.

"We've been teasing her about it a little bit. We've always joked with the children about funny things they've done and taken pictures to bring out again when they're 18." No doubt Libbi won't be thanking her in a few years then.

The content of the message may come as a shock to some, but Sophie says that she's always encouraged her children to ask questions and takes a straight-talking approach. Sounds like good parenting to me.

Credit: Fortitude Press

'Inquisitive' Libbi had learned about sex after her brother, Oscar, came home with questions from sex education class, but while Sophie has been giving her adult answers, Libbi hasn't quite learnt when it's appropriate to talk about it.

"I had a call from her grandma the other day saying, 'You'll never believe what your daughter's just been asking me'," Sophie said.

"They had been sat at the table and she just asked, 'When did you and granddad first have sex?'. We had to have words with her on that one and say, some questions you can ask and some you can't, really."

Sophie decided to share a photo of Libbi's message to give others outside the family a laugh, saying "it's been really nice to see people's reactions and put a smile on people's faces". Whether Libby will be smiling when she gets older remains to be seen. Let's hope so.

Featured Image Credit: Fortitude Press

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