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Emily Atack Calls Out Man Who Sent Her Vile Sexual Harassment DMs

Emily Atack Calls Out Man Who Sent Her Vile Sexual Harassment DMs

The actor shared a screenshot of the message she received on social media

Emily Atack has called out a man for sending her vile messages on Instagram.

The actor recently spoke out about the abusive messages she regularly receives from men on social media, and she has now posted a screenshot of just a couple of the DMs she was sent by one man asking her if she wanted to have a threesome.

Sharing the pic to her stories, Atack, 31, pointed to the time the message was sent - 9.49am - writing: "Hope you got your kids to school on time in the middle of your sexual harassment spree."

The message, which includes explicit and offensive language, says: "I'm a 55-year-old hot dad emily everytime you post a picture my heart melts your so beautiful could just lay next to you and stroke your hair and kiss you all night why cuddling up my wife won't do that anymore [sic]."

A later message, replying to Atack's stories, also read: "Babe you wanna come over and have a threesome with me and my wife she wants to watch me f***ing you hard why you finger and lick my wife's p***y there would be cum everywhere gorgeous DM me if interested xxxxx [sic]."

Emily Atack

Last year, the former Inbetweeners star opened up about the torrent of abuse she receives online.

When asked how many sexually-explicit messages she receives, Emily told UNILAD: "I receive, on a daily basis... oh, I mean, it's hundreds, hundreds. I receive hundreds of messages."

Atack then read out a couple of the graphic messages she has been sent by complete strangers.

She said: "I've never said these out loud, it's quite daunting sort of saying them on camera," before reading out: "'Let daddy make you cum like the filthy sl** you are, let me impregnate you, you filthy cum wh***. I know that you're a filthy cum sl**, I know what you like.'

"Oh, this is an interesting one. 'I'm a dad of four kids, why don't you be naughty with me like you always are with everyone else and let this bad daddy spunk all over your face?'"

"I worked out the other day, before 10am, I'd seen three penises that I hadn't asked to see - three c**k shots that had been sent through.

"If I'd walked out into the street to get a coffee and three men had flashed me on the way, I'd be in pieces, I'd be traumatised.

"But there is honestly something about when it is online, and I hate to admit this, I've become so used to it, I just kind of go, 'Oh, for f***'s sake, ah, God, urgh.'


"And when I get these messages, I do always look on their profile to see what - I'm intrigued to see what sort of person they would be, what life they have. Sometimes it's completely anonymous, no photo, and they've obviously just created an account to just say all these awful things to God knows how many poor women.

"It goes from teenage boys, to middle-aged men, to really old men, old, single men that are probably desperately lonely, and older men, who are married with children, and they have daughters in their profile pictures."

Emily added that the harassment has left her feeling scared of living on her own.

"The horrible thing about it is that nobody is around to say to the person, 'Oi! Don't f***ing do that, that's horrific,'" she said.

"It's just, they're allowed to just do it and I'm subjected to it, on my own, in my home. I don't have a partner, I'm by myself, and it does make me feel scared to live on my own."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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