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Everyone In Top Nine Priority Groups To Be Given Covid Vaccine By End Of April

Everyone In Top Nine Priority Groups To Be Given Covid Vaccine By End Of April

It includes everyone over 50

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Boris Johnson has said if things go to plan, everyone in the top nine groups will receive the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of April.

The Prime Minister announced at today's briefing (15 February) that everyone in the top nine groups, which includes all those aged over 50 as well as high risk individuals aged 16 and over, will be given the first dose by the end of April.

Johnson said: "If we can keep this pace up - and if we can keep supply steady - and I hope and believe we can - then we hope to offer a vaccination to everyone in the first nine priority groups - including everyone over 50 - by the end of April.


"And at the same time we will be giving second doses to millions of the most vulnerable within twelve weeks of the first."

Addressing when the current national lockdown will be relaxed, Johnson said: "We must be both optimistic but also patient. Next week I'll be setting out a roadmap saying as much as we possibly can.

"We want this lockdown to be the last. We want progress to be cautious but also irreversible."

Johnson used the briefing to thank everyone involved with the ongoing vaccination programme as well as those who had come forward to receive the vaccine.


He said: "Today the national vaccination programme continues to power past the target we set six weeks ago with more than 15 million people vaccinated across the UK.

"And once again I pay tribute to the astonishing efforts of everyone involved - the GPs, the nurses, the volunteers, the army and the pharmacists like Hardik Desai - who rallied local volunteers to vaccinate 3,000 people in his village hall in Ticehurst in Sussex, while keeping his pharmacy open - and of course I thank all of you who have come forward to be vaccinated.

"This is an unprecedented national achievement but it's no moment to relax and in fact it's the moment to accelerate because the threat from this virus remains very real."

Figures from today show that 15,300,151 people in the UK have been given their first dose of the vaccination, while 539,630 have had their second jab.

Featured Image Credit: PA