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Fines Issued After 'Disgusting' Lockdown Party Pictures Shared On Instagram

Fines Issued After 'Disgusting' Lockdown Party Pictures Shared On Instagram

Partygoers were seen toasting with bottles of Corona beer during the party in Salford

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Partygoers were pictured toasting with champagne and bottles of Corona beer at a 'selfish' lockdown party in Salford last night (16 January).

Images from the party showed a group of guests attending the party at a flat in the Greengate area of Salford sucking on balloons, drinking beer, posing for selfies, and generally ignoring all of the current rules pertaining to the reduction in spread of coronavirus.

Then, in a move that wasn't the smartest, some attendees posted on their public Instagram accounts about the party, which prompted members of the public to report them to the police.

While the police reported they had initially found no evidence of a breach of regulations upon attending the address, the Manchester Evening News reports four people were later fined for Covid-19 restriction breaches.

MEN Media

The report also suggests some of those present at the gathering may have travelled from as far away as Clitheroe in Lancashire.

One of the videos posted was timestamped at 2.15am on Saturday 16 January.

After the photos and video started circulating on Instagram, some were moved to contact the police regarding the 'selfish' and 'disgusting' attitude of the partygoers.

One person - who wished to remain anonymous - said: "They could be passing Covid on to other residents - it's disgusting."

MEN Media

Another said they'd emailed Greater Manchester Police after seeing the videos posted online, before deciding to call the police upon seeing that the party had continued until the early hours of the morning.

They said: "I just think it's disgusting and they need to be stopped.

"It's just selfish. There are people getting furloughed and losing their jobs, it is disgusting.

"There are old people dying [and] they are out partying putting it on Instagram for everyone to see."

MEN Media

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "Shortly after 8.30am on Saturday 16 January police received a report of a breach of Covid regulation at a property on Deansgate.

"Officers found no evidence of a breach at that address but their investigations established that people had gathered at an apartment on Greengate in Salford.

"Four Fixed Penalty Notices were issued to attendees of the party."

MEN Media

Gatherings of people outside of the same household indoors are currently banned under the rules of the third lockdown in England.

Anyone found to be in breach of these rules can be fined £200 for a first offence - £100 if paid within 14 days - doubling to £400 for a second offence, and every other offence until £6,400.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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