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Furious Mum Urges Takeaway To Remove Burger From Its Menu

Furious Mum Urges Takeaway To Remove Burger From Its Menu

A furious mum wants a burger removed from a takeaway menu because she thinks the name of the burger 'objectifies women'.

Anita Robinson says the 'gangbang burger', which is sold in Khan Pizza in Hull, sends out a message that sexual violence is acceptable.


She says she has asked the diner to rename the item - four chicken burgers topped with cheese, onion, mushrooms and an egg - but has, so far, been brushed off by owners.

Asfand Khan, manager at Khan Pizza, insisted the moniker was 'a bit of fun' and not intended to cause offence. Now Mrs Robinson is going public with her pleas.

Credit: Hull Daily Mail
Credit: Hull Daily Mail

"I'm about as liberal as they come," she told the Hull Daily Mail. "But I do not want to have to explain to my kids what a gangbang is when they see it on a takeaway menu.

"It's absolutely shocking. It objectifies women. It sends a very clear, subliminal message to young men, who may be drunk, that this sort of thing is acceptable.


"It needs to go. There is no positive image from that word. If it was called the 'threesome burger' that would be quite different. But it's not."

For clarity, a gangbang, according to, is "a series of acts of often forcible sexual intercourse engaged in by several persons successively with one passive partner." Maybe it is a bit dodge then.

Mrs Robinson added: "Whatever way you look at this, there are violent connotations associated with the word 'gangbang' and I think it is entirely inappropriate that a takeaway should name a burger after it.

"I am surprised that Khan Pizza should want to be associated with something like this."

After being alerted to the £6 meal - £7 with chips - Katie Russell, of Rape Crisis England and Wales, weighed into the debate, claiming the name was 'crass' and in 'poor taste'.

She said: "There is nothing funny about sexual violence towards women. We'd be very interested to hear why this takeaway thought this name was appropriate.

"If this is an attempt at a joke, it's definitely a misfire. It trivialises rape and sexual assault. We would appeal to people to be more mindful about the incredible impact sexual violence has on its victims."

Councillor Helena Spencer, Hull City Council's portfolio holder for equality, also said the name was wrong.

"People have a choice about whether or not to buy it," she said. "People may also choose to write to the takeaway to complain."

Despite the farore, Mr Khan insisted the name was not intended to be disrespectful, reaching for the good ol' Richard Keys defence.

He said: "It's just a catchy name. It's a takeaway, it's not a church or a mosque. It's a bit of banter. When customers come in and read a gangbang off the menu, they have a laugh.

"If it's a problem then we'll change it but from our side it's not to disrespect anyone, it's a bit of fun."

Featured Image Credit: Hull Daily Mail WS

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