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G-A-Y Bar In London Serves McDonald's So It Can Open In Tier 2

G-A-Y Bar In London Serves McDonald's So It Can Open In Tier 2

The club's owner says the tier rules discriminate against wet bars

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Iconic London club G-A-Y has started to serve McDonald's meals so that it can stay open under what it calls the 'ridiculous' tier system.

Owner Jeremy Joseph said that the rules discriminate against wet venues, saying that ministers have 'f***ed up'.

So that he could open his club in Old Compton Street, Soho (which falls under Tier 2), Jeremy worked with local food outlets, including Maccies, so he could offer table service and adhere to the rule that alcohol can only be served with a substantial meal.


Having introduced social distancing and mask rules, it means that although it's a far cry from their usual parties, the venue has been able to run in some capacity.

Mr Joseph said: "The Government haven't really thought about this at all. They are so out of touch.

"The problem is they haven't ever had a conversation with hospitality.

"It's all very well saying you've got to serve food. But that's not what we do.

"Do they want me to suddenly open a kitchen and start cooking when I have no idea about food hygiene?

"The reason we teamed up with other restaurants is because that's what they do for a living."


He's run the venue since the 90s and has transformed it into a huge brand, with multiple venues. He now owns Heaven - which has seen the likes of Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga - as well as Manchester's Canal Street G-A-Y.

He took the government on in a legal challenge in October over the controversial 10pm curfew for hospitality - it was refused. Since then, it's been relaxed to 11pm.

Earlier this week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the tiered coronavirus restrictions have an expiry date of 2 February and can only be extended further with the backing of MPs.

He said in parliament on 1 December: "These regulations come with a sunset clause of the end of 2 February, and at that point we will have sufficient data to assess our position after Christmas.


"Though I believe these types of restrictions will be needed until the spring, they can only be extended beyond 2 February if this house votes for them."

Between 23 and 27 December, the tiered system will be temporarily relaxed for Christmas, allowing three households to meet indoors.

The rules state that you can travel to form a bubble of three households, who don't have to social distance and can go to places of worship together. However - bubbles will not be able to gather in a hospitality setting.

Bubbles must not be changed or extended further at any point.

Featured Image Credit: PA