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Guy Gets His Mates To The Pub By 'Copy And Pasting' His Pint On Snapchat

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Guy Gets His Mates To The Pub By 'Copy And Pasting' His Pint On Snapchat

Featured Image Credit: Jack Potter

With the beer gardens finally open for business once again, many of us will be flocking for a post-lockdown pint or two.

No doubt most people you know won't need any persuading, but if you're struggling to rally the troops, you may just have to get creative - like a Snapchat user called Jack Potter managed to do.

Following a workout at the gym, Jack hoped to get out to the pub to enjoy the sunny weather and messaged his mates.

But sadly his calls for a weekday sesh went unanswered in their group chat.

Credit: Jack Potter
Credit: Jack Potter

Explaining his predicament to LADbible back in 2017, a then-19-year-old Jack said: "The weather was beautiful, but they've all just started new jobs so they were bottling going out. I knew half of them wouldn't even reply, let alone turn up, but I wasn't having it."

His mates had returned to Brentwood, Essex, from university, so Jack was keen to seize the opportunity to see them.

Already at the pub with just one friend - hardly the big reunion he'd hoped for - Jack knew some extreme measures were called for.

He decided to message them saying he had bought them a pint. However, he knew they wouldn't believe him without photographic evidence. So, having already got himself a pint of Foster's, he took a Snapchat of it and, using the scissor tool, he copied and pasted four more pints alongside his.

He then sent them the following picture to his friends...

Credit: Jack Potter
Credit: Jack Potter

Lo and behold his friends started to turn up. Needless to say they weren't happy when they realised they'd been duped.

Jack said: "The first mate came in the beer garden and first thing he said was: 'Where the f***'s the pints, then?' So I told him to go buy them himself and stop being a cheapskate, and he stormed off to the bar."

One-by-one, the rest of them showed up, with a total of seven eventually arriving. Although they were disappointed not to get a free bev, they all saw the funny side in the end.

Credit: Jack Potter
Credit: Jack Potter

Jack said: "We all had a laugh about it - [it] didn't end up in a proper argument or anything as they can take a bit of banter."

The group stayed until the beer garden closed and everyone had a good laugh.

Describing how it felt to arrive and find out there were no free pints on offer, Jack's mate Lewis said: "When they broke the news, I was so shocked and confused. I was p***ed for a minute but eventually I saw the funny side."

He added: "The sun was out, we were in a beer garden, and we had nice cold Foster's. What more could you want?"

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