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Here Are The Cheapest Places In The UK To Get A Pint

Here Are The Cheapest Places In The UK To Get A Pint

Seeing as it's International Beer Day, it would be sacrilege not to have at least one or two pints later on, right? However, these days a pint can be incredibly expensive - not like back in the good ol' days when you'd get a handful of change from a sixpence.

With that in mind, here's a list of the places in Britain where you can get 568ml of decent beer for the lowest amount of money.


It's a tired old stereotype, but it's definitely true. If you're looking for alcohol value, you've got to hit the North.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Five, maybe even six - depending on where you draw the line - of the cheapest places for a pint could reasonably be considered to be in 'the North'.

One's even in Scotland, which is definitely northern.

The cheapest pint in the UK can be bought in the north-western city of Preston, it seems, where a bog-standard pint of beer will set you back an average of just £3.06.


Not bad at all.

Next up is Perth, Scotland. It's only a penny more expensive there at £3.07.

After that, there's a bit of a jump up to £3.25 in Sunderland, before the first of the real big-hitters weighs in with a low score.

Liverpool - the first place on the list that you might realistically call a 'destination' - offers up a pint for an average of £3.27.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Midway down the top ten we find Hull, at the same price.

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The list is rounded out by Stoke, Southend, Dundee, Swansea and Sheffield.

The list, compiled by comparison website Finder, also tallied up some of the priciest places for a pint up and down the UK.

It'll be no surprise to anyone whatsoever that London is the most expensive place, with the average pint costing a frankly extortionate £5.18. That's up from £4.76 in 2017.

Bloody hell, guys. Come on.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Tracking behind the capital are Brighton, Cambridge and Bristol, all at well over £4.30.

What this tells us is that pints are getting more expensive. The UK average is now £3.70. That's still pretty spenny, right?

Pubs are closing down at an alarming rate and buying four cans of supermarket pish has never been cheaper - so why does hanging out in pubs keep getting more expensive?

Well, Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, told The Sun: "Pubs are so much more than a place to get a drink.

"They are the beating heart of our communities and bring us together - something that drinking at home simply can't compete with, no matter how much cheaper it is.

"One pound in every three spent in a pub goes to the taxman, so it's no wonder many feel priced out of a pint at their local."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Weekend away in Preston, anyone?

Here's the list in full (from most expensive to least):

  1. London - £5.18
  2. Brighton and Hove - £4.53
  3. Cambridge - £4.40
  4. Bristol - £4.36
  5. Edinburgh - £4.19
  6. Oxford - £4.14
  7. Reading - £4.12
  8. Portsmouth - £4.11
  9. Manchester - £4.11
  10. Belfast - £4.05
  11. Birmingham - £3.94
  12. Southampton - £3.92
  13. Exeter - £3.91
  14. Ipswich - £3.81
  15. Glasgow - £3.79
  16. Leicester - £3.73
  17. York - £3.72
  18. Poole - £3.71
  19. Norwich - £3.70
  20. Luton - £3.68
  21. Plymouth - £3.66
  22. Inverness - £3.62
  23. Northampton - £3.61
  24. Gloucester - £3.61
  25. Aberdeen - £3.60
  26. Nottingham - £3.59
  27. Leeds - £3.57
  28. Aberystwyth - £3.56
  29. Newcastle upon Tyne - £3.53
  30. Coventry - £3.52
  31. Peterborough - £3.51
  32. Cardiff - £3.46
  33. Sheffield - £3.37
  34. Swansea - £3.31
  35. Dundee - £3.29
  36. Southend-on-Sea - £3.29
  37. Stoke-on-Trent - £3.29
  38. Kingston upon Hull - £3.27
  39. Liverpool - £3.27
  40. Sunderland - £3.25
  41. Perth - £3.07
  42. Preston - £3.06

Featured Image Credit: PA

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