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Incredible Moment Courageous Passer-by Trips Up Charity Box Thief

Incredible Moment Courageous Passer-by Trips Up Charity Box Thief

Things didn't quite go according to plan for the brazen thief

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

In another edition of the world's dumbest criminals, one very unfortunate thief has been jailed after he was caught trying to nick a charity box from a bus station.

Joshua Starkey appeared before Humber Magistrates' Court earlier this month and was put behind bars for 16 weeks following the attempted theft.

Footage released by British Transport Police shows the 23-year-old walking calmly into Subway before making his way over to the tills - nothing strange so far.

However, as he gets to the counter he makes a grab for the charity box, which, like most charity boxes these days, is chained to the side - because people are thieving bastards, aren't they? This then pulls the till to the floor and the bold thief makes his escape, running out of the shop.

Starkey is then seen racing down the concourse with the wires and chains hanging down from the British Heart Foundation charity box.

But just as he is about to make away with his loot, an upstanding citizen sees what is going on and takes matters into their own hands, sticking out their foot and tripping up Starkey, who then goes crashing to the floor and drops the box.

Starkey was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison.
British Transport Police

Probably a little embarrassed, Starkey pulls himself up and runs away empty handed.

Following enquiries from BTP, the thief was later identified and was charged with criminal damage and theft from a shop, charges he admitted at court. Starkey was also ordered to pay £85 costs.

PC Paul Hobman from BTP, said: "A huge congratulations are in order for the courageous member of the public who quite literally stepped in to prevent Starkey from stealing money which was intended for a good cause.

"Starkey's actions in attempting to steal a charity collection box were disgraceful and I am pleased the judge imposed a prison sentence. I hope that his days of offending are behind him."

Earlier this week, radical new police tactics of ramming moped thieves off their bikes as they try and make away from the crime scene.

The Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick, has since defended the tough new steps after some criticised it for being dangerous.

She said: "My officers make life-and-death decisions every day of the week, they're very accountable. They make the best possible decisions. We are in a risk business.

"We've had to put the fear back into the criminal."

Featured Image Credit: British Transport Police

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