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Mum Says Cannabis Oil 'Saved' Her Daughter's Life

Mum Says Cannabis Oil 'Saved' Her Daughter's Life

A young girl who had to endure regular seizures due to brain damage has had her 'life saved' by cannabis oil, according to her parents.

Jayla Agbonlahor, six, was rushed in to hospital just days after her first birthday, when she stopped breathing, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Her condition has left doctors stumped, and she has never been given a diagnosis for the condition which left her unable to walk, talk, eat or drink, as well as facing numerous seizures.


Jayla was regularly hospitalised with seizures. Credit: Handout

Her mum Louise Bostock and dad Charisma Agbonlahor, who is the brother of Aston Villa star Gabby, tried everything to try and help little Jayla, but nothing worked.

They were eventually told that their little girl was 'resistant to conventional medication', so in desperation Louise tried cannabis oil and is 'amazed' to see how it's helped her daughter.

Louise has since fought for the right to treat little Jayla and says she's now the youngest legally approved person to be using the Class B drug in the UK.


She told the Birmingham Mail: "Jayla used to be hospitalised every three or four weeks with seizures. Now she can go months without one.

Louise says Jayla has improved a lot since taking cannabis oil. Credit: Handout

"She is smiling and happy and has so much more life. She used to be comatose and slept all day, but she has started to eat properly and now watches TV with a smile on her face.

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"I heard her laugh out loud for the first time - can you imagine?

"I believe it has saved her life, so it is a good thing. That is why it needs to happen with other children."

Louise told the paper she first became aware of the medical use of cannabis oil after reading some articles when Jayla was four, and decided to give it a try, so set about trying to find a way to get some.

She says she noticed a 'real change' in her daughter after giving her the oil. Despite this, when she told nurses she had been using it, she was summoned to a meeting with police and council officials.


She was eventually given permission to use cannabis oil in 2015, but can't get it on prescription and has to fork out £80 a month to buy it from the Netherlands.

Credit: Handout

Louise now wants the NHS to approve the use of cannabis oil for patients of all ages.


She added: "I do not refer to this as a drug, I refer to it as a plant. Jayla has been allowed to use it, so why haven't others been allowed to use it? This has to happen.

"She is my child, she is unique and I will do whatever I can to save her life. When there is no hope, it provides some hope."

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