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'Cool Runnings' Carnvial Float Investigated Over Racism

'Cool Runnings' Carnvial Float Investigated Over Racism

It's split public opinion.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

What was probably intended as a bit of fun, has now seen four men investigated over racism claims for their appearance in a Welsh carnival.

Their float, featured at the Aberaeron Carnival, saw them base the idea on the Cool Runnings film - the 1993 comedy sports classic which follows the true story of the Jamaican bobsleigh team's debut at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Credit: Shaun Owen/ Cascade News

The men dressed in black bodypaint and donned Jamaican body suits, which caused complaints of racism.

They also donned dreadlocked wigs and rasta hats, and waved Jamaican flags as their bobsled-float was carried on a JCB.

Their float was one of 20 that joined the parade in the seaside town of Aberaeron, in West Wales.

Despite many crowd members taking photos, Dinah Mulholland, who stood for Labour at this year's General Election, branded their fancy dress choice as 'unacceptable'.

She said: "Utterly horrified to see this from Aberaeron Carnival today. How could this have been considered acceptable, or even legal, by the carnival organisers.

"There may have been no conscious agenda or racist intent towards involved people of African or Caribbean heritage in the Cool Runnings float.

"But there is no doubt that offence has been caused and that there is a danger that, unchallenged, such behaviour makes casual racism seem OK."

Credit: Shaun Owen/ Cascade News

She added that 'blacking up' is a trend that can be used today to 'belittle and mock people of colour'.

Police confirmed that they had received a racism complaint and are investigating.

A spokeswoman said: "Dyfed-Powys Police received a report of a perceived hate incident which occurred at Aberaeron carnival on Monday, August 28.

"And entry to the carnival parade was considered racist. Enquiries are being made by local officers."

Some locals believe the Labour member is 'overreacting' and is instead 'creating more of a problem'.

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Tom Bow said: "This is why our world has so many problems because of people taking things too seriously and just not enjoying the culture and the icons that were Cool Runnings."

The popular film, released in 1993, made $154.8m (£119.8m) worldwide in the box office and became a cultural hit with many.

Featured Image Credit: Shaun Owen / Cascade News

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