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It's Been 15 Years Since One Of The Greatest Moments In TV History

Amelia Ward

| Last updated 

It's Been 15 Years Since One Of The Greatest Moments In TV History

Featured Image Credit: BBC

It's been 15 whole years since we experienced the best style-out of a job interview disaster ever, and it's unlikely that we will ever witness a TV moment as iconic.


Guy Goma majestically dealt with being thrown on to live television to comment on technology in the music industry, when he'd actually gone to interview for an accountant job.

In a devastating case of mistaken identity, Guy Goma was mixed up with technology expert and journalist Guy Kewney, and was put live on BBC News to discuss the case Apple Corps v. Apple Computer.

Legend has it that Goma was waiting in reception in the BBC Television Centre in London. Waiting to be called in for his interview, he was in another reception area to Guy Kewney, prepping for his live interview.

The producer who went to get Kewney was told he was in the reception area. On arriving to the main reception, he was pointed to Guy Goma - the wrong Guy.

Goma ended up being led to the News 24 studio, he went into make up before being ushered through to the studio. He was put in front of the cameras, before being wired up with a mic.

He was introduced by interviewer Karen Bowerman as Guy Kewney, to which you can pretty much pinpoint the moment that Goma realises there's been a terrible mistake. You can almost hear him thinking: "Oh s***."

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

At this stage, he had a choice of how to deal with the situation, he could have bailed and left the studio, or he could try and wing it. Thankfully for us, he chose the latter and if there was ever a case of showing initiative, this was it.

Here's how it went:

Karen Bowerman: Well, Guy Kewney is editor of the technology website Newswireless. Hello, good morning to you.
Goma: Good morning.
KB: Were you surprised by this verdict today?
Goma: I am very surprised to see... this verdict to come on me, because I was not expecting that. When I came, they told me something else and I am coming. "You got an interview," that's all. So a big surprise anyway.
KB: A big surprise, yeah, yes.
Goma: Exactly.
KB: With regards to the cost that's involved, do you think now more people will be downloading online?
Goma: Actually, if you can go everywhere you're gonna see lot of people downloading through Internet and the website, everything they want. But I think is much better for development and...eh...to improve people what they want, and to get on the easy way, and so faster the things they looking for.
KB: This does really seem to be the way the music industry's progressing now, that people want to go onto the website and download music.
Goma: Exactly. You can go everywhere on the cyber cafe, and you can take...you can go easy. It is going to be an easy way for everyone to get something through the Internet.
KB: Guy Kewney, thanks very much indeed.

Goma attended his job interview 10 minutes later but wasn't hired for the accountant position.

He did get a celebrity publicist called Kizzi Nkwocha, who said at the time: "I watched Guy's interview and thought he was a natural.

"He could make a fortune."

His showbiz career is yet to take off, but he'll always be a legend to us.

Topics: TV and Film, UK Entertainment

Amelia Ward
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