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James May Is Delivering Food To Vulnerable Families During Coronavirus Lockdown

James May Is Delivering Food To Vulnerable Families During Coronavirus Lockdown

TV presenter James May has been spotted out and about driving a van for a charity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hey, no matter who we are, we've all got to try to do our bit, haven't we?


Well, despite the fact that May - the former Top Gear and current The Grand Tour co-host - is probably more at home behind the wheel of some sort of powerful sports car, he's taken some time out whilst he's got it to help out a charity near to his London home.

So, whilst many of us are doing our bit by staying at home building blanket forts and eating our body weight in crisps, James is delivering food to some of the most vulnerable people in the UK's capital for The Felix Project.

The Felix Project is a charity that collects up 'fresh, nutritious food' that - for one reason or the next - can't be sold, then takes it to the families that need it the most.

Credit: Splash News
Credit: Splash News

At the minute, there are obviously loads of people who can't get out of their houses to get to the shops to buy food, and a load of people who perhaps can't afford to buy food because they've lost their job.


With that in mind, May has donned his yellow hi-vis jacket and joined then effort to help those folks out.

Good on you, James.

The website for The Felix Project says: 'Right now, millions of people in the UK regularly experience hunger. Yet tonnes of surplus fresh food is thrown away every day.

'We set out to change this. No one should have to miss a meal.

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'We deliver this surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.'

It continues: 'We delivered food for 1.63 million meals in April, to help people in need during lockdown.'

Whilst May is out and about helping his community, his big pal and co-host Jeremy Clarkson is actually trying to do his bit too, in an unusual way.

He's agreed to actually follow some advice, for once.

These really are strange and unprecedented times, eh?

Clarkson, who presents The Grand Tour alongside May and Richard Hammond since that - let's say - 'unpleasantness' with the BBC, took to Instagram to explain that he's actually going to break the habit of a lifetime and obey the government's rules during all of this.

He explained: "Normally, when I'm told to do something I react by doing the exact opposite.

"I've done that all my life.

"But on this occasion, no. I've been asked to stay at home and I am doing what Mr Johnson has asked me to do."

He couldn't resist a little dig at May, still. He added: "Because if we go outside, there's a good chance we could infect someone that's old and frail... like James May.

"And do you want James May's death of your conscience?"

Featured Image Credit: Splash News

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