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Jimmy Carr Hasn't Spoken To His Father In 21 Years

Jimmy Carr Hasn't Spoken To His Father In 21 Years

Jimmy said he just 'can't have that guy' in his life anymore

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Jimmy Carr hasn't spoken to his father in 21 years.

The comedian welcomed his son Rockefeller into the world a couple of years ago, and recently opened up about his relationship with his own dad, Patrick James 'Jim' Carr.

Speaking on the Parenting Hell podcast, the 49-year-old said that he hasn't spoken to him in over two decades, around the same time his mother died, and doesn't plan on doing so.

Jimmy explained: "It's not a secret, I haven't seen my dad in 21 years and you know the line, 'My mother's dead and my father's dead to me' - which sounds very cold, until you meet the guy.


"It's a weird thing where I'm acutely aware that things don't always work out... I'm aware that sometimes it goes the other way and that could be terrible and there's no bitterness and there's no anger there.

"I want the best, I just can't have that guy in my life.

"There's a bit of sadness there and you worry, 'Could something go wrong with my kid?' You want to prevent that, but it's hard."

He added: "I think it's about being a father and being that figure for him but not in any way controlling."

Jimmy's mother Nora Mary passed away in September 2001.

Speaking previously about her death, the comic said he had 'lost' his mum and dad at the same time.


However, he said he was lucky to have had 'enough father figures and mother figures in [his] life'.

Last month, TV presenter was recorded calling a heckler a 'f****** r*****' and demanding that he be removed from his show after being told his jokes weren't funny.

Jimmy lost his temper at the male fan, who refused to leave when asked, during his Terribly Funny show at The Lighthouse, Poole on 7 October.

An audience member said the heckler had been disruptive throughout the show and that the recording started several minutes after the altercation began.

While the disruptor is inaudible on the recording, Jimmy can be heard saying: "You've got to f***ing go," adding: "If it's any consolation, I'll keep the money."


According to a source, the heckler made several loud remarks throughout the show including that Jimmy's jokes weren't funny and that he'd heard them before.

Jimmy reportedly had to stop 'three or four times' and was getting 'visibly frustrated', as the heckler was talking loudly during his performance.

Before the recording began, Jimmy had reportedly asked security to go and sit with him over the mic as he didn't want to kick them out, but they continued to disrupt regardless.

Viewers then heard the comedian say: "I think it's time for you guys to leave now," to the heckler and his group, who had repeatedly insulted his jokes.

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