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Killers May Never Be Released If They Refuse To Reveal Victims' Whereabouts

Killers May Never Be Released If They Refuse To Reveal Victims' Whereabouts

'Helen's Law' could give parole boards more powers to refuse a murderers release if they don't reveal where they disposed of their victim

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Murderers who refuse to reveal where they disposed of their victims' bodies could now face an indefinite prison sentence under a new law, if they continue to keep the information to themselves.

According to the Mirror, Justice Secretary David Gauke has told Marie McCourt, 75, that his team are preparing legislation after the whereabouts of her daughter's body has never been confirmed.

Marie McCourt launched the campaign in 2015.
Good Morning Britain/ITV

'Helen's Law', titled in tribute to Mrs McCourt's daughter, would enable the parole board to exercise more powers, giving them the option to refuse release applications of 'no body' killers.

Speaking to the Mirror after meeting Mr Gauke, Marie said: "This is a huge step forward for the campaign which has been supported by so many people."

Marie launched the campaign back in 2015 when she was notified that her daughter Helen McCourt's killer, Ian Simms, was being moved to an open prison which suggests he is nearing his release date.

Mrs McCourt's daughter, Helen McCourt was killed by Ian Simms who has never revealed where her body was disposed of.

Marie, from Billinge, Merseyside, added: "This is not just for Helen but for every single missing murder victim out there and their families. The tide is finally turning towards supporting victims rather than the rights of criminals.

"Seeing a new law unveiled in Helen's name will be a very proud, poignant moment. Her death, and all this pain, would count for something and make a difference.

"This legislation may be introduced in time to keep Simms in prison and prompt him to reveal where Helen can be found.

"We live in hope. Losing a child is the most painful thing a parent can endure. But knowing your loved one is out there, somewhere, alone, is like an open wound that never heals."

Photo from 1988 of Ian Simms at St Helen's Magistrates Court.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson told LADbible: "Not knowing the whereabouts of a loved one causes tremendous additional pain, and we have immense sympathy with Helen McCourt's family.

"The Justice Secretary recently held a positive meeting with Marie McCourt and her MP, and we look forward to working with them on this important issue."

Under current rules, parole boards are subject to guidelines when dealing with applications from 'no body' killers.

The proposed law will compel the Parole Board to consider whether a murderer should be released if they haven't revealed the location of their victim's body.

They could still decide that the inmate should be freed from prison as well as keeping them behind bars indefinitely.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain/PA

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