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Landlord Hopes To Reopen Pub Even After It Was Destroyed By Car Overnight

Landlord Hopes To Reopen Pub Even After It Was Destroyed By Car Overnight

It's been closed for three months

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A landlord whose pub was hit by a car overnight is still hoping to reopen today.

Ray Perkins had got his pub ready for its first day back in business since it was closed in March due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Both Ray and his wife Ann had booked in 200 people and were preparing to serve them today, but at 2am this morning (Saturday 4 July), the freak accident happened, leaving their pub, The Swan Inn in Kent, with a huge hole in it.


With debris strewn all across the bar, it's not likely they can open indoors, but instead, optimistic Ray plans to serve their regulars in marquees in the pub's garden.

Speaking to The Sun, Ray said: "We're still hoping to open. There's some clearing up to do, and we can't have people inside the pub, but there's plenty of room in the garden.

"We plan to open at midday.

"We don't want to let people down, they've waited long enough for a beer. The show must go on."

Ray and his wife were woken up at 2am by a huge bang, with someone then hammering on the door.


He explained: "I thought someone had broken down, but we came downstairs to find a car in the front of the pub.

"It was a Land Rover Discovery with three people inside. It looked like one of them had a broken arm.

"Our bedroom is right above the hole in the front of the pub, and our bed has moved down two inches. We're lucky the floor didn't collapse."

The couple have been in charge of the 15th century inn for two years.

Ray's wife Ann added: "Devastated doesn't describe it. Our pride and joy has been destroyed."


Pubs across England are set to reopen to the public today after being closed since lockdown began, three months ago.

People have been so keen for a pint that some have queued up outside their locals, to make sure they're one of the first to sink a beer.

Pictures have emerged of the hardy drinkers who were so determined to get their pints that they arrived at their local Wetherspoon pub for 8am this morning to make sure of being first in the queue.


Sixty-three-year-old Martin Sherrell turned up outside The Berkeley in Bristol earlier today - which has been dubbed 'Super Saturday' - so that he could get a bite to eat at 8am before the booze went on sale at 9am.

Nine in the morning! I'd be in bed by teatime.

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