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Lidl Is Selling A 12-Foot Swimming Pool For Less Than £100

Lidl Is Selling A 12-Foot Swimming Pool For Less Than £100

Who needs the beach?

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

You may be struggling to keep your kids entertained during lockdown. Well, how about bringing the beach to them?

With the weather warming up, Lidl is flogging a 12-foot swimming pool, and it could be yours for less than £100.

Set to go on sale next Sunday (7 June), the Bestway 12' Steel Pro Pool is an absolute snip at just £99.99.

The bargain find was spotted by a savvy shopper in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

Sharing a photo of the advert from the store's website, the bargain hunter wrote: "Anyone wanting something bigger than a paddling pool, Lidl has a Bestway 12' Steel Frame Pool for £99 from Sunday June 7.

"I've looked online I can't find anything similar for cheaper! And it comes as a full kit, may be a good deal for some people?!"


The pool measures 3.66 x 0.84m and comes with a filter pump to keep it nice and clean throughout the summer months.

It also comes with an 'easy-to-read floating thermometer for temperature checking' and a 'corrosion-proof plastic surface skimmer automatically clears debris'.

And if something goes wrong, the pool also comes with a repair patch.

The website reads: "It doesn't get any better than having your very own pool in your backyard and this ultra durable pool strikes the perfect balance between quality and price."

And once you've got your pool, how about taking a leaf out of Stephen Andrew's book and finishing it off with a home bar?

Stephen has decided to spend lockdown in style.

With the family holiday to the Canary Islands postponed until January because of coronavirus restrictions, his aim was to be able to 'close your eyes and feel like you're in Tenerife' - and it looks like he has really pulled it off.

Speaking to LADbible, Stephen, 38, said: "Me and my mate decided to build it one day when we were having a beer in the garden.

"Just thought I'd love one of those pool type bars on holiday. I did a rough drawing of what I wanted and went for it."

And he really did go for it, the bar has all the works, including its own WiFi and live sports screenings.

He said: "The materials for the bar cost me about £600. I added the projector and screen fish tank and tiled the patio after it was built.

"I'm a tiler by trade, so the patio was the easiest part."

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