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Street Artists Create 'Drug-Dealer Only' Zones To Force Police To Take Action

Street Artists Create 'Drug-Dealer Only' Zones To Force Police To Take Action

The group say the area is blighted by drug dealing and are hoping the signs will 'shame' the police into cracking down

A group of Londoners have gotten so sick of their neighbourhood being used to sell drugs, they've created fake 'drug-dealer only' zones in hopes of shaming the police into taking their concerns seriously.

The group, who are calling themselves the Columbia Road Cartel, have placed a number of signs in the E2 area of London, which they say has '24/7 drug dealing' problems.

They have placed several signs, including a 'drug dealers only' parking zone and a street sign which reads 'crack pick-up point', in an attempt to get police and the local council to take notice.

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Local residents have taken to Twitter to share photos of the new signs, with one writing: "Local street artists trying to embarrass the Met Police and Tower Hamlets Council into doing something about the brazen drug dealing in my neighbourhood."

Jonathan Moberly, who lives in the area, told the Metro: "One corner of our street is used as a drug collection point 24 hours a day.

"Heroin and crack addicts gather in small groups waiting for deliveries which arrive by speeding car.

"It is barely possible to avoid walking around or through these gatherings when leaving or returning home.

"Six months ago, my stepson Jake was victim of a hit-and-run by one of the dealers.

"His ankle was badly smashed, and he is still unable to return to work. The authorities seem to be powerless or uninterested to act."


Another angry resident said that he was having to pick up needles 'each day'.

A Tower Hamlets spokesperson said: "Like the rest of London, Tower Hamlets suffers from some blatant drug dealing at times.

"We understand the frustration of these residents, which is why the council has invested £3 million ($3.9m) in additional police officers to make up some of the shortfall in government cuts to the police.

"We are also working with the police on Operation Continuum, which targets drug dealers and offers support to those affected by it.

"So far, 160 people have been arrested as the operation works its way around the borough."

While a spokesperson from the Met Police told the paper: "We have been made aware of a Guerilla art campaign which has appeared in and around Columbia Road, Tower Hamlets, against drug-dealing in the area.

"Officers in Tower Hamlets are working hard to tackle drugs offences to make the streets hostile territory for criminals. Local officers are fully engaged with partners and have a rolling programme of enforcement activities that target those identified as selling drugs.

"The Tower Hamlets partnership task force routinely perform anti-drug use/supply patrols and respond to intelligence received.

"Local officers respond and will patrol areas identified through intelligence that suggests illegal drug use or supply activity and will also regularly undertake the execution of search warrants using drug related legislation that seeks to place offenders before the courts.

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"Officers are working closely with the local council to make best use of CCTV and use Anti-Social Behaviour legislation to assist registered social landlords to take positive action against those found to be selling drugs or allowing premises to be used.

"The local police with support from the local authority are currently increasing its effective partnership task force to twenty Constables. A key focus for these officers will be to tackle drug related issues, complaints and associated problems within the Tower Hamlets area.

"The Met has a wide range of policing tactics and we will pursue offenders who we suspect of dealing drugs and bringing misery to the communities they have a presence in."

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