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London's New Year's Eve Fireworks To Be Replaced With BBC One 2020 Highlights Show

London's New Year's Eve Fireworks To Be Replaced With BBC One 2020 Highlights Show

Good job it's still only March, plenty of time to find some highlights

London's traditional New Year's Eve fireworks are to be replaced by a special BBC One broadcast showcasing some of the highlights - really? - and inspirational moments from 2020.

As we head into 2021, there won't be any huge celebration by the Thames as there has been every year since most of us can remember.

A lot has been different this year, but the fact that the decision to cancel the fireworks isn't really that much of a surprise when you consider what has happened in London over the past few days.

After the decision was taken to cancel the spectacular annual fireworks display, the national broadcaster stepped in to provide what is described as a 'unique broadcasting moment' recalling some of the uplifting events that we've seen this year.


Expect to see Captain Tom Moore trudging around his garden, clapping for the NHS, and all of the other things that have brought people together during this wretched year.

At least we'll be able to console ourselves with the knowledge that it is almost over by that stage.

The show usually attracts a crowd of around 100,000, but obviously that isn't going to be possible this year.

There will also be no night-time London Underground services running, and no pubs to serve the throngs of thirsty punters, so there's little point turning up anyway, unless you want to get cold in the deserted streets of Central London to ring in 2021, fitting although that may be.

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan took the decision not to hold the display earlier this year because of the coronavirus, and the move into Tier Four for the capital and parts of South East England has now rendered any gathering impossible.


Khan, who won't appear in the show himself, said: "The Covid-19 pandemic has meant we are not able to put on our world-famous public event on the banks of the Thames this year, but it's important we reflect on and pay tribute to the defining moments of the year and look to 2021 with hope, and that's why we are replacing it with a unique broadcast on BBC One.

"We know that New Year's Eve is traditionally an opportunity to show off our great city to the rest of the world, which we will still be doing this year in a show you'll only be able to watch from home, on the BBC.

"It will be a celebration of hope, but also provide a moment of reflection on the challenges of this year and the way Londoners pulled together.


He added: "Tier 4 restrictions for London remain in place and infection rates are rising once again, which is why there is no public event this year.

"It's vital we all continue to stick to the rules to reduce the spread of the virus and I urge Londoners to stay safe by seeing in the new year watching BBC One from the comfort of their home with those they live or are bubbled with."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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