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Lotto 'Winner' Jon-Ross Watson Fined For Throwing Cauliflower Cheese At Carvery Boss

Lotto 'Winner' Jon-Ross Watson Fined For Throwing Cauliflower Cheese At Carvery Boss

A Lotto 'winner' has been fined £200 for assaulting a restaurant boss back in July, having thrown hot cauliflower cheese at him.

A court in Burnley, Lancashire, heard how Jon-Ross Watson had filled his plate with meat and veg from the carvery, ramming so much onto his plate that he began to spill gravy on the floor.


Watson, 31, then returned for seconds - where he was told by carvery manager Oliver Knight: "It's not an all you can eat buffet."

Watson became 'agitated' and started swearing in front of a woman and two children who were waiting in line to be served, before eating vegetables straight from a ladle.

After Knight grabbed the spoon from him, Watson then picked up a ladle of hot cauliflower cheese and walked away eating it.

Prosecutor Tracy Yates said: "The victim tried to get the ladle from him and to usher him away from the area.

"The defendant dropped the ladle on the floor, picked it up and threw the ladle of food at at the victim, hitting him in the head, around the ear.


"A couple of staff members stood between the victim and the defendant. The victim said he was in fear for himself and his staff."

Jon-Ross Watson. Credit: Facebook
Jon-Ross Watson. Credit: Facebook

Watson hit headlines earlier this year after claiming he and friend Mark Goodram, 36, had won £4m on a scratchcard but Camelot had withheld the money due to fears they had bought the card using a stolen bank card.

Asad Khan, defending, said the money had come at a difficult time in Watson's life - only for him to get this taken away.

Khan explained that his client had suffered since going to visit his sister and two young nieces earlier in the year, who he found dead in a murder-suicide. This, he said, caused Watson to turn to drink and drugs.

Khan continued: "He was sent to prison shortly after. He came out of prison and he's found himself fortunate enough to win a large amount of money.

"He has been denied that money. Everything that he held dear to him in his life has been taken away from him.

"He had the opportunity to start a fresh, he believed. That's been taken away from him. He is quite bitter about life."

Khan added: "He is thoroughly ashamed of himself."

Watson admitted assault by beating and using threatening, abusive or insulting words of behaviour against Knight on 5 July, and was fined £200, with a £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs and must pay the victim £100 compensation.

"You were close to immediate custody," the bench chairman told him.

"It's up to you now to engage with the probation service and ensure that you get all the help available."

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