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EuroMillions Winner Throws Lavish Party At Trump Turnberry From Beyond The Grave

EuroMillions Winner Throws Lavish Party At Trump Turnberry From Beyond The Grave

Colin Weir died just after Christmas, but wanted to throw a bash for all his pals

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Scottish EuroMillions winner Colin Weir laid on a big expensive bash at Trump Turnberry golf club for all of his nearest and dearest friends, complete with lobster for dinner and bottles of champagne - but did it all from beyond the grave.

It's not as spooky as it sounds. In fact, it's quite sweet.

You see, Weir scooped a gigantic jackpot of £161m ($210m) in 2011 and went on a spending spree that included buying his beloved Partick Thistle Football Club.

However, the philanthropist died suddenly from kidney failure and sepsis back in December, but had already made clear he wanted to throw a party for all his pals.

Colin Weir and his then-wife Christine scooped the jackpot in 2011.

A close friend told the Daily Record: "Colin was certain before he died that he wanted to give his pals a great party to remember him by.

"So he booked out one of the biggest rooms at Trump Turnberry hotel and treated all of his friends to the biggest and grandest party any of us had ever seen. It was amazing."

While hundreds of fans gathered outside Partick Thistle's Firhill Stadium after his death to salute a man who saved the club financially by buying a six-figure stake, the details of the party hadn't emerged until now.

A source said: "Everybody was dining on Krug champagne and lobster. There was the best wine money could buy by the case load. I saw people knocking back bottles and bottles."

Trump Turnberry is an exclusive golf club in Ayrshire.

"For starters, there was truffle soup - which comes in at about £40 a plate. Then there were tables and tables laden with food.

"The puddings were out of this world as well. Somebody said that Colin put aside £1 million for the party. It certainly would have cost an awful lot of money.

"It was purely for friends. There was no family present. The family were at the funeral, where his [ex-]wife Christine attended alongside Nicola Sturgeon and her husband.

"The NHS team who cared for Colin during his illness were also there as he had nothing but praise for these people."

Colin bought a controlling stake in Partick Thistle FC with his winnings.

Before he came into his wealth by chance, Weir had worked as a TV cameraman. However, winning the massive prize with his then-wife Christine didn't change them all that much.

They stayed in Scotland - albeit in a much bigger house - and made many charitable donations. On top of that, Weir donated £1m ($1.3m) to the Scottish independence campaign in 2014 and made further donations to the SNP thereafter.

He'd previously said: "We didn't want to go away and live on a small island with no contact with the people who are important to us."

Two days after Christmas 2019, Colin succumbed to a short illness and died at University Hospital Ayr.

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