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Man Mistaken For A Hipster Because Of Bizarre Hairstyle

Man Mistaken For A Hipster Because Of Bizarre Hairstyle

Stu Turner shaved off almost all of his hair for a good cause, and it looks... interesting.

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A man says people mistake him for a hipster because of his bizarre hairstyle.

Stu Turner, from Cardiff, once had luscious long locks but decided to chop it all off, well, almost, in the name of charity.

He now sports a strange ring of hair, which stretches around his chin to the top of his head, connecting via his sideburns.

Speaking about the new do, the 36-year-old said it took a bit of getting used to.

He told Wales Online: "It's certainly been an adjustment.

"It's definitely a bit colder than I've been used to - I can feel a draught a lot more easily than I could before.

"At the beginning of the first lockdown I said I wasn't going to cut my hair and beard until we were back working in the office, but what I expected to be three months turned out to be 18 months - so I had a lot of hair to lose.

Media Wales

"Having had a beard on my face for most of my life, I can tell you that nothing really prepares you for the feeling of your own breath on your chin."

But his hair was not lost in vain because it was donated to The Little Princess Trust and will be used to make real hair wigs, which will be given to children, free of charge, undergoing cancer treatment.

And not only that, but the civil servant has also managed to raise more than £1,000 for the trust and Cancer Research UK.

However, it's still not saved him from receiving a bit of stick for the strange look.

Stu said: "I went out in town the other day, and my hair went down really well. I started getting quite a lot of respect from people, which wasn't really expected.

Media Wales

"The strangest thing was that some people didn't assume it was a charity thing or a bet that I'd lost, a lot of people thought that I had some sort of new, trendy Generation Z style haircut!

"When I'm walking around, I'm still quite thankful for my face mask as I'm not quite ready to subject myself to the comments I'd get from some people.

"But when you do something like this, you've got to accept that people will stare, that's all part of making a fool of yourself for a good cause.

"I think the people who were most annoyed about the positive reception I got were my friends - they're the ones who set out to try - and succeed - at making me look foolish."

You can donate to Stu's fundraising page here.

Well done, lad!

Featured Image Credit: Media Wales/LADbible

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