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Man Spoils Fiance With A Festive Bake After Proposing Outside Greggs

Man Spoils Fiance With A Festive Bake After Proposing Outside Greggs

Who says romance is dead?

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

There have been some mad proposals made over the years - some people have scaled mountains and one Australian guy proposed at the Ashes.

But this couple from Newcastle may have trumped all of those - after Geordie Tony Brown proposed to girlfriend Rebecca English - then celebrated with a festive bake when she said yes.

Tony is said to have done 'the most Geordie proposal ever' when he popped the question to his girlfriend outside the Fenwicks' department store Christmas window display, on Northumberland Street, in Newcastle.

The pair then swiftly popped over the road to Greggs - the bakery chain is situated opposite the department store, and is currently using their Christmas display for a cheeky marketing stunt.

Tony Brown proposing to Rebecca English credit: NcjMedia
Tony Brown proposing to Rebecca English credit: NcjMedia

Tony told the Newcastle Chronicle the proposal followed by a bake wasn't planned, but he was feeling a bit hungry and got one to calm his nerves.

He said: "(The proposal) has everything, Fenwicks, Greggs - unless Alan Shearer was there or something it couldn't have got more Geordie."

Fortunately for Tony, Rebecca did say yes and after accepting the proposal, the whole family - the pair have two children - headed over to Greggs for some festive food.

He said: "I was hyper and I was starving, and when I turned around there it was - Greggs."

Maybe the subliminal window advertisement really works after all?

Tony said he usually goes for a tandoori baguette or a bacon sandwich from the shop, but their festive messaging must be working as he went for the bake.

He said: "I had been so nervous before hand down - hands down it was the most nerve-wracking thing I've done. We have two kids (Daizy and Molly) and compared to this, labour was an absolute breeze."

Man Does The 'Most Gerordie Proposal Ever' Using Greggs Festive Bake

Tony said he's been figuring out the best way to propose to Rebecca for years and finally got up the courage when the family was in front of the Fenwicks window.

Rebecca said: "Everyone was clapping and Daizy didn't know what was going on - she thought they were clapping her.

"We are going to Seaham Hall later this month, and he was planning on proposing there. I don't know what exactly happened but he spoke to his barber that morning and he just suddenly decided today was the day."

She added that using a festive bake was 'typical' of Tony, she said: "The festive bake was totally typical of him - but I was expecting more than a Greggs afterwards, put it that way!"

Well, they're happy and in love and that's what matters - plus they got a tasty festive bake to eat afterwards, sounds like a successful day out in all.

Featured Image Credit: NcjMedia

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