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Man Drops Entire Wheelbarrow Of Soil Over Himself After Falling Off Ramp

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Man Drops Entire Wheelbarrow Of Soil Over Himself After Falling Off Ramp

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

Hilarious footage captures the moment a man slipped over while walking across a ramp with a wheelbarrow of soil - all of which ended up falling onto his head.


Alan Harker, 54, had been levelling his lawn in Dursley, Gloucestershire, and had to move the excess soil from his garden over to the skip in his driveway.

Alan had set up a narrow ramp to transport the dirt over the wall, and carefully began reversing his wheelbarrow down into the driveway on 10 April at around 11am.

But midway across, he suddenly lost his footing, falling down onto his front - tipping the entire contents of the wheelbarrow onto himself.

His wife Tracy rushed over to Alan, tip-toeing along the ramp and stepping over the giant mound of soil.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

She apparently couldn't stop laughing after seeing that he had, ahem, soiled himself, and after checking he was OK even started taking photos of her husband.

Alan can be seen waggling his hands in the air theatrically for help, before Tracy whips her phone out to capture the moment.

Alan said: "I'm fine, just a bit bruised! You saw my missus appearing take a photograph, but she did ask if I was alright first."

Thankfully, the couple also had a security camera set up over their driveway, meaning not only did Tracy get some amusing photos, they also managed to capture the whole thing on film.

Engineer Alan added: "It's funny my missus just can't stop laughing about it, we put it out to friends and family and they keep coming back laughing.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

"The insult to injury is the contents of the wheelbarrow lands on top me."

Recently, someone else ended up having a gardening mishap when they dug up their septic tank.

A TikTok user called Tony (@tonyhuismanlp) said in a video: "I was doing some gardening in my back yard today and I uncovered some sort of crazy, secret concrete box in the ground.


"I found a handle after digging for a while, then after digging for a bit more I uncovered a second handle.

"I kept going until I got it cleaned to the point where I could start to attempt to lift it up.

"When I tried it was a little heavy so then I brought in the big guns. And you'll never believe what I found."

It was a septic tank - and a very smelly one at that.

A plumber had visited and told him why his pipes had stopped draining in the house.

Unbeknownst to the family, the house was using a septic tank since they had made it their home - meaning he has no idea when it was last cleaned.

In a follow-up video, Tony said: "We didn't know we were on septic system.

"I have lived here for six years, the landlord before me had lived here for two years, and the people before us had a garden bed right over the top of where the septic tank is.

"So who knows how long it's been since it's been cleaned - like eight plus years?"

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Jess Hardiman
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