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Man Enters Woman's Home And Uses Toilet While She Sleeps

Claire Reid

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Man Enters Woman's Home And Uses Toilet While She Sleeps

A woman was left badly shaken after a man entered her home following a boozy night out and went for a poop in her toilet leaving behind a 'horrible smell'. You can see him moments before entering the property in this CCTV footage:


Kirsty MacDonald was asleep on her couch when the sound of her upstairs toilet flushing woke her up.

The 36-year-old said before she got a chance to check out what was happening she saw a figure run downstairs and out of her unlocked front door.

Understandably, Kirsty initially thought her house had been burgled but after a quick check noticed that all her possessions were still there however, a 'stench' lingered, leading the mum-of-one to believe he'd come in for a dump.

CCTV footage caught on Kirsty's front door camera showed a man in a cap calling over to another bloke over the road and explaining that he 'needs a s***'.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The other man then watches on as his pal opens the door to the property and enters.

Kirsty, from Brierley Hill, West Midlands, said: "It's an invasion of privacy. Your home is meant to be your safe space and this is just disrespectful.

"I'd fallen asleep watching the telly and the commotion must have started to wake me up then I heard the toilet flush and a man run down the stairs. I was confused so I said 'who are you?', 'what are you doing?', but they ran off.

"I went round to check if anyone else was still inside, then looked around to see if anything else had gone missing and you could smell it coming from the toilet. It was horrible. I knew exactly what it was.

"There was nothing left in the toilet, but I put bleach down it straight away and used some air freshener to get rid of the smell.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

"I couldn't get my head around the fact that two strangers had come into my home and used the toilet. They spent about ten minutes in and out of the house laughing and joking.

"You'd like to feel safe in your own home. But I'm really shaken up by it. I was upset at the time. I was going to ring 999 but it just sounds so silly, so I didn't. But it does affect you.

"We've had to laugh at it. That night I was really shaken up. You couldn't make it up really, could you? But I do think the police should go and see them and tell them it's wrong."

Kirsty says since she shared the footage on Facebook the intruder has been in touch to apologise, telling her he 'didn't know she was in' - but she doesn't believe him.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Kirsty says she did end up ringing the police and was told she should keep her doors locked - something which she says she does '99 percent of the time'.

LADbible has contacted West Midlands Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Topics: UK News

Claire Reid
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