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Man Spends £600 On Massive Tommy Robinson Tattoo

Man Spends £600 On Massive Tommy Robinson Tattoo

Sure, we've all got opinions. Bet you're not willing to go this far, though

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

When it comes to politics, opinions are like arseholes - everyone has got one. However, in this ever more connected world that we live in, few people are willing to stand up and nail their colours to the mast with conviction.

Well, when it comes to declaring his opinions, Gary Bannister - a self-employed painter from Walsall - is definitely not fucking about.

You see, Gary is a staunch supporter of Tommy Robinson. He's such a big fan that he has had a huge tattoo of him on his arm.

It's fair to say that's a commitment.

In reality, it's not just a commitment to having a controversial political figure on your arm forever, it also cost £600 and took eight hours across two sessions. Ouch.

I know what you're thinking - why? As it happens, Gary is pretty clear in his thinking.

He told LADbible: "Tommy Robinson is a good man - he's a decent man, he's a working-class hero. You go to any city in the country and they love him. He speaks the truth.

"I've been watching his stuff for a couple of years now and he keeps fighting on for what he believes in."

That said, getting a divisive figure tattooed on your arm must come with a few inherent concerns, right? I mean, a Tommy Robinson tattoo must be like a red rag to a bull for some people, surely?


Gary continued: "Tommy shared it on Facebook, so it [the reaction] been half and half.

"Nobody has said anything to my face. I've been stopped in town when I've got a vest on, but I don't look the sort of person who takes any shit, so nobody says anything to my face.

"Obviously, when Tommy shared it online I got roasted, but that's to be expected."

It's worth remembering at this point that Gary is a boxing coach at Walsall Wood Boxing Club in his spare time. He's also built like a brick shithouse. Stacked, if you will.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that nobody has said anything to his face.

That is, nobody apart from the man himself. Yes, Tommy got in touch as soon as he saw the photo to let him know his thoughts.

Gary explained: "Tommy has messaged me a few times about it and he's humbled, and he says he likes it. He says he's going to come and meet me one day."


I suppose you would be flattered if someone got a tattoo of your face on their arm. Most of us will probably never know what that feels like.

But what about the people in Gary's life, then? Apparently, his wife Keeley is also on board with the tattoo.

He said: "She likes it.

"If she wasn't having it, I wouldn't have had it - once she said to me that it was alright I got it booked in.

"I couldn't believe it myself!"

As it happens, Tommy is just the latest in a long line of controversial characters to find their way onto Gary's body. He's also got tattoos of Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, David Beckham and Eric Cantona.


He's getting Cristiano Ronaldo next. It was either him, Bruce Lee, or famous gangster John Gotti.

So there you have it, folks: a living human canvas depicting a range of celebrities that you never thought you'd see juxtaposed together. I think it's safe to say at this juncture that Gary's a big fan of Tommy Robinson and David Beckham.

Oh, and tattoos. He definitely likes tattoos.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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