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Man Killed After Being Attacked By Herd Of Cows In Yorkshire

Man Killed After Being Attacked By Herd Of Cows In Yorkshire

The 82-year-old man was killed, and his wife was taken to hospital with her injuries

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

An 82-year-old man has died after he was attacked by a herd of cows in Yorkshire, according to the police.

The man and his wife were walking at Ivescar, near Ingleton, on Saturday afternoon (30 May) when the incident occurred.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed that the man was declared dead at the scene of the incident - which occurred at around 1.45pm - and that his wife, who is 78 years old, was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment of her injuries.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: "An 82-year-old man, from Foulridge, Pendle, sadly died yesterday after being attacked by a herd of cows.

"Emergency services attended and sadly the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

"The woman, aged 78, was badly bruised and taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary by air ambulance."

A report in the Yorkshire Evening Post suggested the couple had accidentally disturbed the herd of cows, some of them who had calves nearby, whilst out walking near to Ribblehead Viaduct.

Ribblehead Viaduct.

They added that the man's wife was not thought to have suffered serious injuries, but was taken to hospital for treatment for shock and bruising.

The Ramblers' association advises that people enjoying the countryside should avoid putting themselves between cows and their calves - although it isn't clear whether the couple did this.

They also advise that walkers should observe any animals in fields before crossing to see how they are behaving. Particularly cows and bulls.

If at all possible, walkers should try to walk around the edge of the field, or to go around the animals at a safe distance.

The Ramblers also warn that people out walking with dogs should keep their dog under strict control, on a short lead, and under no circumstances allow it to scare or spook the animals.

Also, it goes without saying that you should remember to close all gates behind you as you go.

Their advice states that if you experience any frightening incidents, or attacks involving farm animals, you should report it to the landowner, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the highway authority, or - in extreme cases of a serious nature - the police.

If you get chased by the cattle in a field, it is always better to drop your dog's lead. If you let go of it, the cattle will chase the dog, not you.

Also, it is important to remain calm and not panic as much as possible.

Featured Image Credit: North Yorkshire Police

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